Walking Dead: OMG I Forgot How Disgusting These Walkers Really Are

Oh SHIT!  The “starting” just started and it’s already effing TERRIFYING!

When are we going to find out about the hooded dude with the seemingly trained, armless walkers?!

Oh Em Gee.  They just picked off all the walkers around the jail and are planning on setting up camp inside.  DAMN.  Watching this show is like playing Space Invaders.  There is always someone coming at you!  I just heard myself yell “BEHIND YOU” while I was watching.  It’s TV folks!  WTF is my problem?!?

OMG (could I say OMG one more time?)  They are camped out outside the prison.  Dang.  That place could be awesome.  And as Daryl says, it probably has “plumbery”.  LOL  Oh shit - they’re breaking in the fence so they can try and go inside.  Yowsa.  I can’t watch!

LOL!  “I ain’t sleepin’ in the cage...I’ll take the perch.”  DOH!  So I guess Daryl’s done some time.  Not that that should surprise anyone.   

Meanwhile, it’s really freaky to think about how psyched they are to have a JAIL CELL to sleep in, right?!  The bars lock and they’ve got theyselves a BED, y’all.  Wowee!  I’d be tickled pink!  And how ridiculous is that??

Oh SCHNIKIES!!!  Papa Vet just got bitten...and Rick just hacked his leg off at the knee!  Since when does THAT work?!  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  OMG It was so sceevy when the walker bit him...he was yanking out ligaments with his teeth.  YUCK.  And there are doctors alive!  Well, I think they were doctors.  They looked like they were in scrubs. 

Oooh snap.  Can’t WAIT for next week!!

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