Here Comes "Once Upon a Time"

I had ZERO idea “Once Upon a Time” was starting this weekend and I also had no idea I’d care so much! Just WAIT until they get their hands on the evil queen! Ooooh Lordddddddddd it’s gonna be one hell of a show. And here’s my question: Are they now going to look the same way they did in the past? Is Snow White going to look like Snow White or Mary Margaret? And what’s going to happen to Emma? Is she going to be all “Yo - you’re my mamma now! Wanna get a pizza?” That was one long, strange trip she was on in the finale...I’m glad she’s out from under the clock tower and hangin’ with Henry in le Hospitale.

Can’t WAIT for Sunday...although I can’t help thinking “this better be good”. Everything comes at a price!

 PS - I’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire for two weeks and am somewhat “meh” at the moment...but I’m sure it will pick up as we go along. That’s another entry.

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