Walking Dead: Midseason WHAT?

OMG Michonne is kick ASS!! I have been hot/cold on her...but now I love her. She blended in with the group immediately! It's like she's been with them the whole time! Happy Cop Rick better not screw things up and piss her off...or worse yet, kick her out! Although NONE of them might be around after next week when they storm Governor's Stepford's Bastille.

And speaking of next week...WHAT is with the "mid season finale"??? WTF?? I am new to this Walking Dead game...so I didn't have to deal with a break last season.  And it's not coming back until "sometime in 2013? WHAT?! January? December? WHEN?!?

PS - I really thought Glen was going to bite it. Talk about a nail-biter!

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