Once Upon a Time: Fanning the Flames

Oooh SNAP!!  I'm 10 minutes in and already it's scrumptious!  Just listen to these quotes:

"Oh yeah, princess.  You're goin' back to sleep."

Queen: "Who is she?"
Henry: "Your mother."

"Condiments are this world's most powerful magic."  ~ Mr. Gold

So the queen and Mr. Gold are bitching at each other and poor Belle is sitting there, waiting to eat her first-ever cheeseburger...before it gets cold.  Geez, how rude they are!

OMG everyone's getting burned in the room-o-flames!  It's like Nightmare on Elm Street!  Poor Johnny Depp is going to get sucked into the bed soon if they don't figure out WTF is going on with Aurora!!!

Holy shit!  Snow speaks crow!!!

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