So I flew through CRAVE...and could barely keep my wits about me. Jaxon Vega is the hottest conflicted soul to come down the pike since that guy who lamented about everything and nothing in Midnight Sun. 

Which is why I am now losing my ever-loving mind while reading CRUSH

I am 50% in and am losing it and have no one to talk to about the massively sharp turn Tracy Wolff seems to be taking. And I'm reading and reading and it's getting sharper and sharper and I'm terrified to keep going. Because I could leave this thing right the hell here...and all would be well. But instead, I keep reading and freaking out and going further down the rabbit hole. 


Edward Who??

Lorddddddd the supernatural novels. They're apparently back in fashion (thank you, Midnight Sun), and Crave is keeping me occupado at the moment. I could not be more appreciative of Tracy Wolff and her swoonrific vamp, Jaxon Vega. 

No spoilers, y'all. I'm only halfway through. ❤️