Seyit and Sura: 9 Episodes Left

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT - under ANY circumstances - read this unless you have seen Episode 36 in Seyit and Sura. (Unless you love spoilers, in which case, read on!)

OK so after temporarily breaking up with Seyit and Sura due to 1) the overpowering reality of their
relationship's demise setting in, 2) too much crying for one sane person, and 3) being OVER IT with the Jack Tripper shenanigans (#Petro #Ayse)...I trod lightly BACK into Istanbul waters last night and watched Eps 34 - 36.

BOY am I glad I did. Nothing better to get you over heartache than to watch your favorite lead character transform himself into a MAJOR ASS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS right in front of your eyes...all while Sura is handling herself with grace (when she's not swigging from a vodka bottle), dignity (when she's not throwing the aforementioned vodka bottle across the room) and just a little too much Petro-friendliness (we all have our weaknesses.) But let's be honest; Seyit has become something SOOOO unfathomably different than that the Russian soldier we fell in love with.

WHAT is with the attitude toward Sura? Oh right, she's a little too tight with Petro. Fine. I get it.

WHAT is with the handlebar mustache? Ew. Just, no. Just, ew. OK it was "in" at the time. I get it.

WHAT is with the clothes? Hey Seyit, Tony Manero called, he wants his vest back. UGH. Yes, yes...1920s Istanbul. I GET IT!!

Perhaps I am just lying to myself myself that I am not at all interested in this guy...but watching poor Sura hang on to their dying relationship is bringing back horrifying memories from old boyfriends I'd rather forget.

And now we come to the dreaded proposal.


Once again, you saw Sura having fun, which you should WANT HER TO DO after she STAYED IN ISTANBUL FOR YOU, got your business up and running while you were in jail, cries daily for IDIOT. (Incidentally, I spat "IDIOT" at the screen about 5 times last night during the dreaded Episode 36.)

So your SPITEFUL, JEALOUS, STUBBORN ass is just going to run over there and propose to someone you don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW HER, Seyit!! What are you, a complete MORON?!?

OMG I have to stop. I get myself so crazed...and so much of this did NOT even happen!!

And I keep remembering that if Seyit never married Murka, the lovely Nermin Bezmen would never have been born.  And that, my friends, would just be a tragedy, in and of itself. ❤️

So if you want a good representation of what *did* happen (in a page or two), take a look at Ginger Monette's outstanding WWI/Historical Fiction blog where she has interviews with Nermin Bezmen here and here.  (BEWARE; they're a quagmire of spoiler reality.)

Or just buy Kurt Seyt & Shura and pour over it like I have been.

And I'm warning you; you'll cry a I just did in the garage, with my back to my son, so he wouldn't see that Mom is crying - once again - about people she does not know, who have been dead for half a century...and it's only 10:15 in the morning.

As much as I tell myself I hate Kurt Seyit, to get through these last 9 episodes, I'm completely and utterly full of caca. I am so smitten with just the mere thought of the memory of "Seyit and Sura" that it will take me a long time to get out from under this massive cloud of their eternal love.

In more formal terms; it will last for all eternity. 💔

Informal terms?

That shit will just never go away. ☺️😢