The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 9

SPOILER ALERT:  I just watched Episode 9 in Season 3. 

All y'all had no idea I could
look this fly, now...did ya? 
WHERE is Daryl going??  How can they let him go?  Why don't they lock Merle up in a cell???  OMG Carol is SO UPSET.  (And so is the the chick on the show!)  ;)

(cue Run DMC beat)  "A girl named Carol followed Daryl every gig we played.  Then D kissed her and dismissed her, now she's jockin' Jay."

Don't the writers know how hot we all think Daryl is now that we get daily photo updates on the Hardcore Daryl Dixon Fans page on Facebook??

Meanwhile, Merle is so deliciously trashy and disgusting.  They are really missing out by NOT bringing him and his sick banter to the prison.  I hope this gets rectified sooon.

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Glen's a badass...and I think I LIKE it!  He is not taking any shite from aaaaanybody.  Wind him up and watch him go!

OMG does anyone want to listen to Andrea bitch at the Gubner?  NO.  Shut UP girl!  Just go home to the prison or whatEVER but don't beotch up a storm; it's getting old.

I love how these dumbass townspeople are bitching about the Governer.  "Waaah...waaaah...He shot Richard!"  Um...duh.  Of COURSE he shot Richard.  Richard was going to EAT you, you dingbat.

Oh Lorddddddddd...and now Andrea's bitching at the townspeople.  What's that?  Do I hear Kumbayah playing in the background?  Oh, no...that's just in my head.

I love these new people.  WHY is Rick being such a douche?

Rick: "I can't be responsible."
Dude: "You turn us out; you ARE responsible."

Ohhhh...that's why Rick's being such a douche.  He sees dead people!  I forgot.