Vampire Diaries: Oh for the Love of All that's Holy - Someone Punch Elena, Please

Wahhhhh!  Wahhhhh!
Are you kidding me?  TALK ABOUT SELF CENTERED. WHAT is with throwing the ring into the lake?!  Even if Little Miss Whine and Moan wanted to kill herself, she didn't have to ditch the ring!  Someone else could use it, right?

I have had about as much as I can take of Elena and her stupid whining.  And now she's fucking EVERYTHING up.  Stefan dumped her but really she dumped him.  And now she's going to go do the nasty with Damon.  And you know what?  He's going to dump her.  And I won't feel the LEAST bit sorry for her dumb ass.  What kind of an ASS wedges herself between brothers like that?!  UGH!  I can't even believe she's going to go after Damon now.  WHAT a self-centered beotch. 

How do you dump THIS?!
Poor Stefan.  Who is he going to date now?  Maybe the producers over at the CW are going to set him up with his wife (the doctor) so they can have both couples together on the show.  That's pretty pathetic...but you never know. 

JPC = Just Plain Cute
Um, I'm sorry, but is Matt extremely hot?  Yes...yes he is. 

And Jeremy.  He's a sorry sonofabitch but he's a cute one, yeah?

And OMG don't you want Caroline and Klaus to get together?  They are going to ROCK!!!  I love that she hates him but she secretly loves him.  And he is such a bad boy but he'd stop time for her (and knowing him, he probably has a machine that will do that.) 

Listen to me! LOL!  You would never know I wasn't 14.  I really need Breaking Bad to come back so I can feel like I watch grown-up shows again.  ;) 


menatra said...

LOL! Hilarious as usual Carol! Can I sound like a 14 year old now too? Good!

Ok, the Elena drama is getting to me too, why is the show all about her and her sad little sad life. oh it is such a heartache to be young, beautiful and have 2 super hot, super vampires that would do anything for you, for your life.

I normally couldn't care what Stephan does but that breakup made me want to comfort him, poor guy.

Now onto the better, hotter brother. What I want to know is why does everyone keep thinking that Damien is the bad guy? He is 100% vampire, he has embraced the badass part without being vicious and still kept his humanity. Look how he treats Elena, he is 'friends' (I use this loosely) with Jeremy and Bonnie, and look how he is still talking to Rick. BREAK MY HEART! I predict Elena and Damien hook up and he is TOTALLY in love with her and she will treat him like crap.

oh and can't wait for Caroline and Klaus to get together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

now I must go and become an adult again ;)

Purgatory Carol said...

OMG MENATRA!!! It was so ridiculous, I want to post again! Elena is STILL BOTHERING ME, 3 days later! You are so right about her amazing life. "Wahhhh...I don't want to hurt anyone...wahhhh". OFTLOG (oh fo the love of god) just shut UP already!!! Why do these hotties even WANT her sorry ass?!?