World War Z: These Ain't Walking Dead Zombies

WOW.  Did anyone see World War Z?  I saw this trailer in the theatre when I was waiting for Breaking Dawn 2 to start.  So I was a little giddy and subsequently thought " Walking Dead rip off...but the dudes climbing up the wall are cool."

BOY was I wrong!  This movie is SO much fun!  The zombies aren't like Walking Dead zombies that putter around and "quickly saunter" at best.  These suckers RUN!  And ATTACK!  And their teeth chatter like that thing with the little mouth inside the mouth in Alien 17 (or around 17...pick a number).  AKA it's SCARY AS SHIT!  I LOVED IT!

I seriously had no idea it would end up being a horror flick.  Lots of scary moments, right out of the gate.  Lots of eye-covering...lots of stomach agita...lots of "Brad!  Lookout!" to keep you going through the whole thing.  I never once looked at my watch.  It.  Was.  That.  Good. have to suspend disbelief a few times ("HOW did he get there so fast?")  But its worth it.  So watch!

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