True Blood - Season 6 Finale

ROFLMAO - Just found this outline I typed while watching the True Blood finale.  It was so "meh", I didn't bother to write it out!  I thought it would be funny to just post it like this, spelling/grammar errors and all...

stupid party outside bill's house - like the maynard

waht's with jason's chickie with the pink pants - she's suffocating

I want bill and sookie back together

Warlow is annoying - I'm so glad Sookie's not going ot marry him or be his "Fairy Vampire Bride" (Jason)

Eric - Sorry your mom blew up ricky

WTF is up with Jason's Porn?  That was bizarre.

Sam became mayor in 6 months?  Whaaa?

Once again - no lines for the best one on the show aka Lafayette

I KNEW that was a wig on Alcide.  THANK GOD.  He looks SO MUCH BETTER with short hair!
What's with him and Sookie?  Blech.

Tara and her mother?!?  THAT WAS A COOL SCENE!!!!

WHERE'S QUINN??? Are we EVER going to meet Quinn?  I guess not.  Alcide is Quinn enough for both of them.  At least we're not going to have to endure the kitchen dry hump between Quinn and Sookie.

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