Breaking Bad: They Faked Me Out Again!

Spoiler Alert: Aww hell...there are, like, 3 eps left???  If you're not caught up - back away slowly! ;)

OK is it me, or was the final goodbye between Hank and Marie pure genius?  I saw that...and said to
my husband, "Oh this is it.  Hank's gonna bite it.  The hillbillies are-a-comin'."  Well- I was right about one thing; the hillbillies sure did make a grand entrance.  BUT - Hank is still alive (or was at 9:59) and lives to see another week!  AMC faked me out, yet again.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

And my husband can't figure out how all those automatic weapons could've missed.  He even did his own reenactment of Hank and Gomez, SLOWLY running over behind the cars, to demonstrate just how ridiculous it was!  (Boy do I wish I had that on video for y'all.)

Now WHAT do y'all think m'boy JESSIE is up to with that car door, yo???  Is he trying to escape?  Where's he gonna go?  I don't think so.  Nope.  I think he's actually wondering if he can sidle up next to one of those Nazi freaks and hold a gun to his head...ultimately saving Hank, Walt and Gomez.  Don't think it's possible?  Think again.  Jessie was quite a badass in Mexico, remember?  Something tells me a guy who's got nothing left to lose won't be all that afraid of a few AK47s.

Saul.  Lorddddddd Saul.  That hair is priceless.  He's so lovable and disgusting.  I really hope that
rumor I heard about a spinoff is true. HOW much do I love Saul?  I'm going to say goodbye to these guys like the scarecrow, tin man and lion in the Wizard of Oz in a few weeks...and I may miss Saul most of all...

PS - I found this photo on this tremendous Breaking Bad/Saul Tumblr page AFTER I TYPED THIS and almost fell off my damned chair.

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