The White Queen: Love Stinks!

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen 6 episodes of The White Queen.

Warning:  LOL!  This may be the most shallow commentary I've ever given about an episode of The White Queen...or anything else!  It's full of "he did her and she hates him and they suck and ain't she a bitch".  And the HILARIOUS part about that is...this was real life!  Well...sortof.  They rewrite history...but real life runs in the background...we'll put it that way.  

OK - let's get to it!

Why is Elizabeth being such a BITCH to Ann??  She's lucky to be alive, let alone wearing those dresses and living in that castle!  BITCH!  I want to smack her!

Richard, please kiss me already.
You is HOT boy!
OMG Just marry Ann off to Richard already.  Why are they keeping her prisoner?  It's so stupid.  Money, money, money.  Doesn't George have enough at this point??

Oooh snap!  Margaret's mother is dying.  Ew you can almost smell her through the screen.  Gross. I'm surprised there isn't skin falling off her face.  Meanwhile, Margaret's going to go do Jasper Tyooooooder the second her mother croaks.  And rightly so.  It's about time that women get a little sumpin sumpin.

Ho, party of 1?
OMG EDWARD YOU IGNORANT SLUT!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM!!!  Damnit - I really thought he was different now.  SHIT.  He just DID some HO and Elizabeth walked in and caught them!!

YEYYYYYY Richard and Ann are getting married!!!  I've been waiting for this for weeks!

Weren't expecting me to be so
aesthetically pleasing, were you
oh mother of Henry TYOOdor!
OMG Margaret and Lord Thomas Stanley - I kindof like this!  He's not bad looking!  Actually, he's kindof cute!  He's the perfect age for her, too!  Oooh snap - now they're married and she wants herself a piece!  Just TELL him, ya dumbass!  I hope she comes back out of that room and knocks on his door.

Peace out from Princess Leia!
Poor Elizabeth.  I hated her a half hour ago but now I feel so bad for her.  Her mother's dead, her baby's dead with her mother (WOW that death scene was powerful) and her husband's schtupping the local ginger cutiepie.  THAT SUCKS.

SO happy about Richard and Ann.  I think he loves her.  I hope he loves her.  She's the only one on in this whole situation with a conscience!

Boy did I really back the wrong horse!
Oh sureeee....NOW Isabel is nice to Ann???  No WAY!  Eff OFF, beotch!  I felt so bad for her a few weeks ago and now I can't stand her!  She deserves her asshole husband!

What's the deal with Elizabeth and Margaret?? WHAT FUN!  How delish!  If they become allies, this show just upped its own anti.

And PS - how long until they have a heated, "I must have you now" scene between Margaret and her new hubby, Thomas?  Yum.  Can't WAIT!

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Anonymous said...

hey carol,

didn't post on your last WQ blog, as that episode was so blah. the last two were pretty good, and the women have been either ruling the roost or are the dirt under someone's fingernails. bummer. goodbye to grandma jacqueta, we will miss your sparing with mom-in-law whatshername. elizabeth is getting to be a mean be-ach. wasn't ann her buddy way back when? and isabel must be suffering from a mind control spell from evil george. and then she suddenly snaps out of it and is besty-buds with her sister again! and mrs. stanley--turned down by kissy face, jasper, and then wanting sumthin from mr. her virginal white nightgown! (mr. stanley...mmmm, what's that actor's name?) looking forward to next week's episode too. ---julie in jersey

hey carol,
you so pegged the series in your last blog. the last episode and this one were much better...the women are really ruling the roost. i'm sorry to see grandma jacqueta go, and elizabeth has been relegated to the back fence. why couldn't she speak up for the non-weeping widow, ann? i thought they used to be besties way back when--guess eliz forgot about that, just like ann's sister-- whose mind has been taken over by evil george. oh, and then the tall sister all of a sudden remembers that she loves her short sister. duh. did love the big white nightgown scene with newlywed mrs. stanley. (mr. stanley is a well-known british actor, but his name has slipped my mind.) poor margaret...dissed by jasper and then by her own be-wiskered hubby. i do miss ann's mom-in-law, lordy she was harsh! guess she's locked up in the tower or somethin..can't remember. ---julie in jersey