Vampire Diaries - Just a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

SPOILER ALERT:  I've watched one episode of Season 5.

OMG what a fun show this is.  I know people probably look at it like "Are you serious?  Vampire
Diaries?  What's next, Werewolf Bubblegum?  But you just have to watch to believe how amusingly delicious it is.

I am at a loss for what is going to happen this season.  I changed my mind about 17 times in one hour.  At first I figured we'd have to deal with Bad Fake Stefan all season...and poor Good Real Stefan would be stuck in that silver box for months.  (WTF is that thing?  A freezer?  An oversized safe?)

Then I decided they were going to get Good Real Stefan back pretty quickly and Bad Fake Stefan was headed out the door.  That's how they always deal with the summertime cliffhanger on shows like this.  They tie it up in one or two episodes and go back to the way things were.

My country 'tis of thee...
But then - THEN - Bad Fake Stefan gets his hot ass on stage and kills Bonnie's dad right in front of the whole damned town!  That was a MASTERPIECE of a scene!  Even if Bad Fake Stefan comes back, he's going to wanted for murder!  Then Good Real Stefan becomes Hot Jailbird Stefan and Carol is even MORE intrigued.

A few notes:

- I actually liked Elena in this episode.  She was happy and non-whiny.  Let's hope it continues.

- Dear Matt - this is a prime time television show at 8PM.  Please refrain from schtupping two girls at once.  Gracias.

Maybe no one will notice I've
 got my head turned like this and
am talking to nothing.
- Caroline - face it - Tyler's gone on to another TV show and isn't coming back.  It's time to dump his sorry, werewolf ass and go shack back up with Matt since he's the hottest guy on the show.

- OMG Jeremy has more lives than Kenny on South Park.  He dies in every episode!

- I hate that I now feel sorry for Bonnie.  I used to hate her annoyingness...but now I feel awful for her.  She's all dead and shit...and her poor Dad is about to sit next to her on the bus to nowheresville.

Tide? mom buys the cheap stuff. 
- If I had a dime for every dorm room of mine that looked like Elena and Caroline's, I'd be a very poor woman.  Are they kidding?  Cathedral ceilings, golden encrusted doorknobs and enough room to land a 747.  Righttttt.

- And if I had a dime for every time I skipped through the quad, holding my laundry basket...I'd also be eating at KFC every day.  C'mon.  Who wrote this scene?  Target?!

Can't wait for episode 2 that was rudely BLOCKED from my TV last night so we could watch the Giants suck ass for the 6th game in a row.  I'll have to pay $2.99 for I hope it's as good as this one was.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Great line - If there is anymore of this doppelganger stuff I'm actually going to have to learn how to spell doppelganger - Damien! lol! I was thinking the same thing. I am over the doppelganger crap, hire another actor already.

Jeremy why hasn't anyone noticed you talking to yourself, ALL THE TIME? OUT. IN. PUBLIC.

I totally noticed the super huge ass dorm room. When I was at school I could stand in the middle of my room and lean and touch both walls - with a roommate! If only tv houses/rooms were 'real life'!

I really liked Damien in this episode, he was so sweet with Jeremy and Elena. I don't think I like Black-eyed Matt too much though.

This show is definitely looking up from last year. Are you watching 'The Originals"? I am not really all that interested.