The White Queen: The Beginning of the End

SPOILER ALERT:  I have ONE EPISODE LEFT and am freaking out!!

I can't BELIEVE its over on Saturday.  What am I going to do??  I love this show!  You KNOW you love a show when it's on your DVR...along with THE WALKING DEAD PREMIERE...and you watch the White Queen first!!!!

Allow me to jump right the hell in...

First off...don't you LOVE how Elizabeth gets her panties all in a she makes it rain?  Girlfriend...if you can do that type of shiz, why not just strike everyone in the castle by lightning and go get your kid back???  LOL  Total head scratcher...but makes for awesome TV.

Ok secondly:

Dear Anne Neville, 

You are one primo CoUNTry singer.  (And I don't even like that word.)  How's about you get off your throne (pun intended) and help a sister out???  

Love ya, mean it...

I absolutely LOVE how they're handling the disappearance of those two poor boys.  If you study the history, you will see that most people assume Richard killed the boys (or had them killed) to keep them off the throne ahead of himself.  But some people think it could have been others, doing it for people like Anne, Margaret, etc etc.  So it's absolutely brilliant how they're showing that it could have been anyone.  I've wondered all season how they were going to handle it and I couldn't be happier.  Totally smart move.

Is it me or is Richard hot?  Thought so.

Can't WAIT to see what fate befalls Margaret, mother of Henry TYOOdor.
You mess with the bull, sister...yer gonna get the horns.  And how about your hubby treating you like a no-good loser and totes deceiving you into thinking he gave a rat's ass about your son, Henry TYOOdor, becoming king!  Is that guy the best player of both sides you've ever seen???  OMG he's pure evil!

OK so my beard is a little rounded.
You KNOW I look exactly like him. 
And what's really bizarre is this:  Check out the real Thomas Stanley, compared with Rupert Graves, who "plays him on TV".  Isn't it uncanny?  It's a CREEP SHOW, is what it is!!  I can't believe how alike they are!

It's like they jumped off the pages of history and onto this little piece of awesomesauce that Starz was smart enough to pick up for us all this season.

OK y'all.  Saturday night.  The countdown is on!!!!

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