The White Queen: The Price of Power

SPOILER ALERT:  Look out, y'all!  I have watched 2 episodes of The White Queen.

Yeah.  I'm THAT good.
First order of business:  James Frain!!!  HOW could I have forgotten to talk about him in my lastpost?!  He's so amazing, I get chills just watching him.  He certainly has come a long way since he played Forney in the movie where Natalie Portman has her baby in the Walmart.  These days he's rivaling Eddie Redmayne in the "actor who's trying to replace Colin Firth as the guy who's done the most period pieces" department.

I just said to my husband "HOW much do you love James Frain?!"  And hubby - remembering "Franklin Mott" (James' character in True Blood) said "Look how fast I'm texting!"  I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard.  (It's True Blood.  There's "language" in that link.  Be warned.)

If it ain't bein' shown on STARZ...I ain't doin' it! ELSE I forgot to mention.  Edward's brother, George, is played by David Oakes who was William (or as I liked to call him, "Le Douche") in The Pillars of the Earth.  On STARZ.  Why is THAT significant? many times have I said "Oh no...they won't cast so and so for Outlander because he/she was already on a show on Starz.  Um, squee?  I suppose this means STARZ rocks even more than I thought they did...and they are fine with an actor from one of their previous shows appearing on another.  Now...I'm sure I'll never get my Hayley Atwell/Claire wish...but at least we may see any number of actors like Ian McShane...Rufus Sewell...etc who we've seen in shows past.  Well played, STARZ...well played!

OK back to the show.  It hit me when Elizabeth was making the sign of the cross that England is still Catholic.  They have only just overthrown Henry VI.  We have a little way to go before Henry VIII comes to town.  Not that we'll see him in The White Queen...OR played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  But a girl can dream.

OK another cool this about this show - the score.  In spots, it sounds a lot like my Outlander-reading soundtrack, Lifescapes Scottish Moors.

Meanwhile...anyone who knows me, knows I hate spoilers.  COMMA HOWEVER...I had to google.
 I just had to.  And I have now pieced sooooo much together between this show and what I have researched in the past.  For some reason, it's not really spoiling when it's "real life".  This shit happened, people!  And I must say how surprised I am that - so far - things pretty much happened the way STARZ is portraying them to have happened!  I'm kindof in shock...and I'm definitely thrilled.  (More Outlander hopes, y'all.)
Exactly where I belong.
Karma is a bitch.

Another cool thing:  a few months ago my British history-loving ass FREAKED OUT when they found the bones of King Richard III under a parking lot (SPOILERS).  It just hit me tonight that the same Richard is King Edward's younger brother...who I have DESPISED for years, due to the fact that he _______________ (same spoiler I mentioned above).

Soooo...bottom line...I am now thoroughly entrenched in The White Queen.

And you should be, too.

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Anonymous said...

hi carol,
yes, james frain....yummmy. it's those eyes, and that english accent, of course. great actor, and loved him in True Blood. they killed him off way too fast!

i thought this past episode of the white queen was someone disappointing. not sure why, but it dragged a bit...and with all the action going on, why did it seem to drag? missed janet mcteer and mom-in-law verbally jousting. i'm reading the book, and the series is very faithful to the written page.

note: pillars of the earth was being replayed today on cable. eddie redmayne is so talented...and so underrated in this country. and the guy from deadwood--e. mcshane. excellent!

back to WQ--those two Grey kids are getting pretty big, considering what (spoiler!)....ok, i won't say it! i went ahead and read the history too, and it makes watching the series even more enjoyable. how people actually went about with their lives and got through such terrible times is an eye opener, and makes one sit back and think, "and what exactly do I have to complain about?"

and richard III ending up under a car park--HA!
love it!

1 hr to True Blood! --julie in jersey