Breaking Bad: "Blood Money" (And Lots OF It!)

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen one episode of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. 

Ooooh SNAP!  And we're off with a BANG!

We now know that Walt is on the lamb ("Hello Carol") and that freaky assed skateboarders have taken over his home.  (That seriously freaked me out more than so many horrific things on this show.  His HOME has been overtaken by the "2 Dollar" kid from Better Off Dead!!)

And can you BELIEVE Hank closed that garage door and put a beating on Walter's face?!  The only thing more awesome than that move was Walter telling Hank he'd better tread lightly.  HOLY SHIT!!!!  I have never been so on the edge of my seat before...and I'm ALWAYS on the edge of my seat with this damned show!  5 seasons of being on the edge of my seat!  It's genius!!

While hubby and I were waiting for the episode to start, we watched some of the end of last season...and OH my god.  "Say my name"..."Heisenberg".  WOW was that powerful.  I am really going to miss Bryan Cranston when this show goes off the air.

And how about JESSE!!  That poor, tortured soul!!  Now he's out throwing cash around in the hood!
 Does he not realize that is going to make the news?  Watch the homeless man rat him out.  That would SUCK!

That is the beauty of these last 8 episodes.  No one knows WHAT the eff is going to come down the pike.  It's like a big, fat game of Russian Roulette!  ANYTHING can happen!!!

And I'm SO happy we got to see Saul already in Episode 1.  Or 9.  Whatevs.  BOUNCE!!!

Here's a little something to get you back on track if you're still a little sketchy.

Yeah bitch...magnets.

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