The Fault in Our Stars

SPOILER ALERT:  I don't give details but I kindof "go there".  So avoid if you don't want to know...or start pondering what happens in this book.

Tracey recently reminded me that I never blogged after reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green - at her suggestion.

What can I possibly say that will do this book justice?  (Especially without being my usual, smartass self?)

It is beautiful.  It is painful.  It is comforting.  It is funny.  It is innovative.  It is lovely.  It is heart breaking.

And it is life...for too many kids.

I missed these characters so much after I finished the book.  I miss their awesome personalities and their quirky situations.  I miss the Literal Heart of Jesus (SO funny) and the descriptions of things like Isaac's giant owl eye.  I miss how much they made me laugh while their lives were anything but funny.  I miss the way Augustus Waters made me feel and the way Hazel Lancaster made me think.

And sadly enough, I miss a friend I lost at 17.  That is what happens when you read this amazing book.  You look at your own life and your own relationships...and you thank God for what you have...and cry for what you've lost.

PS - This book is being made into a film.  And while the actors are not really matching up with the characters in my brain, I am really looking forward it (and will certainly bring my tissues.)


Anonymous said...

Aw, Carol! You made me remember how much I loved this book. I really want my daughter to read this with me when she gets a little older. I think she'd love it but it would be a lot for her to deal with emotionally when her hormones are all over the place right now. LOL

It really was such a beautiful story.

Purgatory Carol said...

You are not kidding. Lordddddd the hormones! Although I think kids can handle some of this stuff better than we can in some ways. Once I got to be a "grown up" (sortof LOL) and had kids, I started looking at things differently. Hell - I just teared up at a glee club production at our local theatre...and my kids weren't even in it! :)