Breaking Bad - Buried: Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen the first two eps of the last season of Breaking Bad. 

You know what's funny?  I can't say that much about Breaking Bad.  It's such a different kind of TV show...I just can't formulate anything good enough to express what goes on on a weekly basis.  But I'll try...

What I can't figure out is is Walt going to beat cancer again?  Especially while he's running around burying billions and running from Hank.  (Or is he?  Skyler's new "we say nothing" plan is brills.)  Maybe I'm wrong in assuming that, but he's got hair in future scenes when he's picking around the rubbish in his house...and doesn't seem as sick as he is now.

HOW awesome is all that money underground?  I LOVED the guys laying on it this week.  I wonder if Walt (And Skyler?) is going to come back and dig it up?  I wonder if he ends up alone.  Or if Skyler stays with him.  HELL - at this point, Hal and Marie could end up going along with them, too.  Or not.  DANG!  They HAVE me.  I have NO idea what's going to HAPpen.  In only 6 more episodes!

Is it me, or is Hank a totally different guy than he was at the beginning of this series?  He started out as an annoying dumbass who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut.  Now he's this total badass with a cushy office and everything.  Although, I must say, I'm kindof surprised at how intent he is on getting Walt...enough to totally screw Schyler.  I don't even think Marie will try and save Skyler at this point.  

And ooh...Lydia.  That woman scares me.  She's so psychotic.  One minute she seems so scared and lost.  The next, she's friggin cray cray and seems like she'd easily whip out an oozie and start picking people off, one by one.  (Snort.  Is that what you do with an oozie?)  I was hoping she was going to end up locked in that trailer for a while...but it was not to be.  Walt's (baby-faced) guy made sure of that. 

And what's with Jessie?  WHAT a moron.  And now his ass is screwed - for life.  I bet they'll give him a sweet deal if he gives up Walt.  I can't WAIT to watch Hank and Jessie go head to head down at the precinct. 

HOW glad are you that Saul is back and so entrenched in the story at this point?  I love that character so much.  He could have a pretty successful spinoff.

And lastly - WHERE's FLYNN aka Walt Jr.?!  Is he ever ON the show anymore?  It's completely bizarre the way they've just sortof written him out.  He's just...gone.  It's like Happy Days when we found out Richie and Joanie had an older brother who was off "at college".  Chuck.  Or was he there early on and then we never saw him again?  I digress...

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