Seyit and Sura: STOP This Ride, I Wanna Get Off

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you've watched up through Episode 33 of Kurt Seyit ve Sura.

Oh. My. God. (said like Janice from "Friends.") How on EARTH did we get here? Last night I was bawling my eyes out and tonight I'm shaking my head and having visions of Fonzie in a leather jacket and tighty whiteys.

Is it me??? 

I mean, are you KIDDING me??? FIRST we've got the Baroness telling Sura all sorts of sordid tales...because of her loveeeee for Seyit. Then we've got kooky Ayse and her bed antics...because she's so in loveeeee with Seyit. Then we had barfly whatshername? Vera? Who wanted a big ol' piece of Seyit...and GOT one. And that he lived through war and lived through a fire and lived through prison - TWICE - now we've got this NEWBIE PAIN IN MY ASS who seems to be internally battling her cray cray mother's wishes - as much as wearing her hijab - and INSTANTLY SHE, too, is in loveeeeee with Seyit. (Despite his horrific, Three Amigos-esque mustache.)

For the love of all that's holy. Is anyone NOT in love with Seyit on this damn show?!?

And so many things are NOT adding up. I repeat: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???  Last night Sura was kissing Seyit after the fire and telling him she wouldn't move one step away from him...and tonight she's telling him she's going to stay in the BLOOD MONEY CONDO that Petro rents for her...and not Seyit's room upstairs in the laundry...because she doesn't want to be away from Tina, who is always trying to break her the hell up with Seyit!!

And it's only been 8 MONTHS!!! NOT years; MONTHS!! And there's Sura going onnnn and onnnn about her kooky, crazy, rip-roaring good times with those zany pals Tina and Petro...while poor Seyit is trying to forget eating roaches and smelling like ass...on a GOOD prison day.

And don't get me wrong. Do NOT get me wrong; I have a lot of respect for some of the decisions Sura is making. Bottom line, Seyit? IF YOU LIKE IT, PUT A DAMN RING ON IT!!! HOW long is this poor soul supposed to be your mistress in the early 1920s and be at your beck and call? Take her down to the damn registry office, buy Celil some lunch for his time with your paperwork, and MARRY THE POOR GIRL ALREADY!!!!

10 episodes left. TEN. And I am fearing the worst. I already saw a spoiler shot of Seyit walking down the street with Newbie chick...and I'm pretty sure they were arm in arm. And I've been flipping the hell out for 10 eps or so, worrying that it might have been Ayse or Alya. Little did I know they were going to introduce another drop-dead gorgeous woman into this drama, and once again threaten any possibility of Seyit and Sura ending up together.

I HAVE HAD IT!!! THIS happens to test their love...and THAT happens to test their love. At first, it was downright spectacular, because it made for great conflict. But now, the MISUNDERSTANDINGS are starting to multiply SO much that we're almost to the point of feeling like we're watching THREE'S COMPANY and wondering if Jack Tripper is down at the Regal Beagle getting into all kinds of new shenanigans!!

Seriously!! Tonight, we were FINALLY getting some RELIEF once Seyit and Sura SEEMED to be back together (and taking the first ever positively adorable in every way SELFIE)...and Seyit is secretly planning his wedding (at the dining room table out in the open) with Uncle Ali (who I love almost as much as Celil, btw) and DAAANAAAA...WHO is behind Door Number 3??? None other than Petro!! Isn't that great?? So ONCE A-FRIGGIN-GAIN we're going to be taken on a roller coaster ride while Petro screws up Seyit's plans - and both his and Sura's happiness together.

I CAN NOT TAKE THIS SHIT ONE MORE SECOND!! I am too old for all this agita!!!! I have my OWN problems in life!!! This was supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT!!!

I have one thing to ask: SHOULD I KEEP WATCHING THIS SHOW? Because I'm going to tell you right now...right here and now: If Seyit and Sura don't end up together at the end of this season I am going to lose my friggin mind, all over every form of social media there is. Facebook, Twitter, hell...I might even resurrect my old bios on AOL and MySpace and bitch all over the place there, too.

PLEASE tell me I'm not watching this show in vain. PLEASE tell me I'm not going to be incredibly sad when this is all over (although I'm pretty damned sad now, so I'm not sure if being more sad is even possible.)

PLEASE tell me Petro's going to get found out.

PLEASE tell me Seyit and Sura are going to get married.

PLEASE tell me Nermin Bezmin is not only Kurt Seyit Eminof's granddaughter, but Sura's too.

All kidding aside, guys...don't tell me anything; I'm just really upset. I just don't know if I have the strength to SUFFER through 10 more TUMS-inducing episodes, only to walk away with my heart completely broken. 💔

What's a (21% Turkish, according to girl to do?


Unknown said...

Oh my gad! I am soooo right there with you. Everything you said is spot on. This series makes me feel like a crazy person, I HATE it. But I can't stop watching!

Mary said...

I laughed so hard reading your post. hilarious!!! I have 10 episodes to go. So stressful !!!! Stressing about the ending!

Anonymous said...

I too feel your absolute frustration with this
Story..story much of which is very made up
And not true.
Nermin bezmen could make a documentary
Sharing the truth and including all
Know facts about these two human
Beings that lost so much,endured so much over a tumultuous
Period in russian history. Please let the truth be known. Would make a historical documentary very very welcome.
Better than this made-up version
We endured.