Reign: Getting Good.

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen through Season 2: Episode 4!

Watching tonight's episode of Reign and ooooh wheee!  THIS is the episode I've been waiting for since last season!!!

Mary and Lola are FINALLY having it out!!  It is ABOUT friggin TIME!!!  What BULLSHIT to think that these two would have been able to continue being besties and lunch in the garden together when Mary has got to be SEETHING about Lola sleeping with Francis!!  AND AND AND...Lola is completely OUT-OF-LINE right now.  How DARE she treat Mary like she's a bitchy royal who steps on everyone????  Mary has treated her like GOLD ever since she found out Lola was pregnant with Francis's child and THIS is how Lola repays her???  Mary LET Lola stay at the castle...she LET Lola raise that kid so close to Francis...Hell, she's LETTING them give the kid a friggin PARTY to introduce him to society!!!  And Lola's all "Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh...Help my friendddd...she had one moment of weakness wahhhhh."  OMG Lola is on my LAST nerve and better CHECK HERSELF.

A few things:

Mary's pregnant!!! How awesome is that???  She and Francis actually looked like they were HAPPY for five minutes when they were getting all cutesy out on the green.  Let's hope it will last.

HOW hilarious was Catherine when she barged into Mary and Francis' quarters???  OMG I love that woman.  She makes this show the dramedy it is!

Bash is friggin HOT.  I took one look at this video and realized I have been missing the true hottie on this show!!!

Greer is a dumbass.  Just hook up with Leif and call it a day!  Boyfriend is hot and digs you immensely.  WHAT is the problem??  The rich, curly haired Sean Penn look alike will get over it.  Maybe he can marry Lola.

OMG Mary is going to be the godmother of Lola's kid?  THAT is a creepfest.

Awww poor Mary.  I think I kindof knew that baby was not to be.  See the aforementioned "hope it will last" comments for clarification.  (And not to be gross...but I was salivating over her stained pink shoes when she retired to her chamber.  Hey.  A girl can't help it when it comes to great shoes!)

Looking forward to next week!!

Reign: Lordddd the Yawns.

SPOILER ALERT: I've watched the first two episodes in season 2. 

Not happy so far...but I'm holding out hope that things will go back to the way they used to be; deliciously ridiculous.  I think the writers have done a complete180 after only one season...and I don't know why.  It seems like they're trying to beef up their (horrifyingly inaccurate) historical side while squelching their fun, playful, who-can-we-hook-up-with-each-other-this-week side.  And the thing that kills me most of all is Mary and Francis.  I adored them last year...but now they're like this old, married couple who don't even like each other half the time.  And GEEZ, about letting Mary SMILE once in a while??  Can't she and Bash get drunk and make out or something?

And PS - Makeup and Hair department...please, for the love of god, do something with Toby Regbo's hair.  He was gorgeous last season...he is still gorgeous...but now he looks like Little Boy Blue.  I'm a curly girl, I know of what I speak when I say STRAIGHTEN THE FRONT and STOP with the Dorothy Hamill meets Florence Henderson look.  Please.  If the storyline doesn't have to be historically accurate, poor Francis' hair doesn't, either.

That's enough for now.  Lordddddddd...that is enough!

Vampire Diaries

SPOILER ALERT:  I'm 2 eps into season 6 of Vampire Diaries.

Oooh SO busted, chumley!!  That was specTACular when Caroline walked in with Old Rude Vampire Dude.  The look on Stefan's face.  YOWsa.

This security in Mystic Falls situation is's the word?  Oh yeah...RIDICULOUS.

OMGOMGOMG "She fell in love with Damon when she was still with Stefan."  And there stands Stefan right behind her.  FAIL!!!

"You're a dick!!" That...ruled.  And Stefan deserved it.

OMG this compel me bullshiz is getting old.  Why can't Elena just grow the frig up and deal with Damon's "death?"  What a coward!  Everyone else has to deal with loss...but noooo...not Elena.  She gets to just forget...again.

I love this back and forth stuff with Damon and's so sad.  Which is awesome because that's when Damon's at his best.

LOL - the scenes for next week are hilarious: "Is that blood - or pie?"

New Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Can't TELL you how thrilled I am that Sam Taylor-Johnson seems to have done exactly what I'd hoped she would.  It appears she's made a beautiful film about a man with a troubled past...and an unlikely relationship...and not a trashy movie with lots of kinky sex.  I guess I should hold my "hear hear" until I see the film...but just the trailer, alone, has me beyond exited for Valentine's Day.

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere: Here We Go Again!

SPOILER ALERT:  Season 6 premiere of Vampire Diaries, y'all! 

Watching the season premiere of Vampire Diaries.  Just as juicy as always.  Damon's gone...Stefan's rolling out from under cars, Alaric's back in the classroom and Jeremy's high school ass is laying around drinking at 10AM.  Justtttt another day in on the outskirts of Mystic Falls.

My thoughts, right off the bat?

  • Do NOT like Stefan's new girlfriend.  
  • Alaric is the hottest thing on this show.  
  • Caroline's mother ALWAYS have to wear her police uniform??  Lord she's as bad as Hook from Once Upon a Time!!

What else??  LOVE the "girl got away from Elena" angle.  I hope she tells everyone in town and they hunt her with a pitchfork.  Speaking of...why doesn't Jeremy feel the need to hunt Elena?  I don't know that I've ever pondered that but WHAT GOOD TV that would be!

I don't like the twins.  They're annoying and bitchy.  Both of them.  I didn't like 'em last season, I don't like 'em now.  And why can't I remember why Tyler isn't with Caroline anymore?  Looks like he's going to be hooking up with bitchy girl twin soon.  Meh.

Like the Caroline/Stefan thing.  He needs to dump that annoying chick in Savannah and get his HOT ASS back to Mystic Falls.  Maybe he's just mad that his real life wife took off for Alaska (on the show) and married a pediatrician.  Poor Alaric.  He'll get over it soon enough, what with all that hot chicks running around campus.  How long until he hooks up with a 22 year old?  You know it's coming.

Fantastic Article with Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter

I love Kurt Sutter.  He's ridiculously real.  Check out this Rolling Stone article, The Original Son of Anarchy: Meet Kurt Sutter.  Rutgers guy...from New Jersey.  Doesn't mention much about either here.  Not sure he wants to remember...

Game of Thrones: Awesome! No Wait... Ew.

SPOILER ALERT:  LOOK AWAY!!!  I have seen up through "Oathkeeper" (season 4, episode 4). 

How did I not see that Grandmama killed Joffrey??? Hot diggity.  I knew I loved that woman from Day 1.  And I ALSO knew - somewhere in my subconscious - she wouldn't let Margaery marry him.  How did I not see it??

OMG OMG OMG Margaery going to see Tommen in the middle of the night.  Oh she is deliciously conniving.  BUT - I am so sceeved.  How the frig OLD is this kid??  Oh gross gross gross.  Game of Thrones is bizarre...but THIS bizarre??  Are you KIDDING ME??

Brienne loves  Jaime.  I know she does. I'm dying to see them hook up.  Dying.  Why?  I have no idea.  It would be a) cute and b) a train wreck moment of epic proportions.  You know she'd  be on top.

Did those of you who read the books see this change of heart coming with Jamie Lannister?  He went from Douche Extraordinaire to Hottie McSoftie in the course of one season!  My lord he is fine.  Just LOOK at that man.  Brienne Loves herself some him.  And I don't care what they say...I didn't see last week's sex-next-to-the-body-of-their-asshole-son creepshow as rape.  Cersei was holding his face and kissing him while saying "stop it".  It seemed to me like she wanted to...but realized it was pretty creepy since Jackass Joffrey was lying right there with cucumbers in his eyes.  Beyond the whole brother/sister grossness, that is.

Also love how Jamie is protecting Sansa.  He knows his batshit cray cray girlfriend sister will have her killed...and SHE'S such a dumbass, she reminded him of his oath to Catelyn now he's sending Brienne out to save her!!!  MEANWHILE...Brienne might want to rethink that decision...because if Jaimie ever got near Sansa, he'd want to hop on pop now that he's a free man.  AND she's a virgin.  Something tells me Hottie McSoftie would dig himself some untouched Stark ass.  And lordddddd...get her away from that sadist, Littlefinger!!  Ewwww...he is so gross, I can't even stand to look at him on the screen!  (OK so I said that about Edmure - aka Tobias Menzies - and yet now I love him so much I started Tobias Tuesday...but that's another story, entirely.)

OMG George RR Martin is obsessed with rape and dominance.  No wonder he and Diana Gabaldon breakfast together once a month.  I wonder if they trade ideas.

Love Khaleesi wielding her power all over the place.  I saw in the scenes for next week that she asks about King's Landing.  DOH.  Send her ass in there to rescue Tyrion before someone kills him!!!

Ooooh...Khaleesi-Tyrion.  Khaleesi-Terion.  Trask-Radio!!!  WHAT A POWER COUPLE THAT WOULD BE!!!!

GROSSSSSS.  OMG that cute little baby.  Aaaaand this is where Carol turns off the TV and goes to bed.  Lorddddddd I am not cut out for this show sometimes.  I don't even know WHAT that White Walker did with his Lee Press-on nail...but something tells me it was not tickle his chin whilst cooing "coochie coochie coo."  Bloooort!!!!!

OK - just googled and now realize all he did was turn the babe into a White Walker.  Could've been worse (insert WTF face here).

TURN: Damn! This Show is Good!

What do you think this is? The Patriot?!
SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched one episode of TURN on AMC.

OK this will be quick because we're only one ep in.  Not sure this is a bloggable show...but let me say I LOVED it.  I grew up in the Valley Forge, PA area and now live in Monmouth county in New believe me when I say that I am a total Revolutionary War lover.  This show is right up my alley.

Heather Lind as Anna Strong
Move it on over, baby girl.
I'm stealin' your man.
So I couldn't help noticing the relationship between the Abraham and Anna. Oooh girlfriend is playin' both sides!  She clearly still digs Abe and is married to that poor soul who is rotting in jail after spending a lovely, fun-filled rainy night on the pillory.  Poor Mary, Abe's wife.  She doesn't stand a chance with all her sweetness and light.  Anna is going to hit that marriage upside its head with all her colonial feminine wiles.

I like my skivvies starched, bitch. 
Simcoe is a delicious douche.  I hope they don't kill him any time soon because he's just too good of an actor to only make it an ep or two.

Ben Talmadge is a reason to watch, alone.  That's one hot colonial, right there.

Now, is it me, or is Major Hewlett the biggest wuss to ever walk the planet? about someone who isn't necessary.  He annoys me by just sitting there, eating steak and being his wussy self.

OK seriously - not much more to say at this point.  Can't wait for next week!!