Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere: Here We Go Again!

SPOILER ALERT:  Season 6 premiere of Vampire Diaries, y'all! 

Watching the season premiere of Vampire Diaries.  Just as juicy as always.  Damon's gone...Stefan's rolling out from under cars, Alaric's back in the classroom and Jeremy's high school ass is laying around drinking at 10AM.  Justtttt another day in on the outskirts of Mystic Falls.

My thoughts, right off the bat?

  • Do NOT like Stefan's new girlfriend.  
  • Alaric is the hottest thing on this show.  
  • Caroline's mother ALWAYS have to wear her police uniform??  Lord she's as bad as Hook from Once Upon a Time!!

What else??  LOVE the "girl got away from Elena" angle.  I hope she tells everyone in town and they hunt her with a pitchfork.  Speaking of...why doesn't Jeremy feel the need to hunt Elena?  I don't know that I've ever pondered that but WHAT GOOD TV that would be!

I don't like the twins.  They're annoying and bitchy.  Both of them.  I didn't like 'em last season, I don't like 'em now.  And why can't I remember why Tyler isn't with Caroline anymore?  Looks like he's going to be hooking up with bitchy girl twin soon.  Meh.

Like the Caroline/Stefan thing.  He needs to dump that annoying chick in Savannah and get his HOT ASS back to Mystic Falls.  Maybe he's just mad that his real life wife took off for Alaska (on the show) and married a pediatrician.  Poor Alaric.  He'll get over it soon enough, what with all that hot chicks running around campus.  How long until he hooks up with a 22 year old?  You know it's coming.


Anonymous said...

carol, you are so mean to the show! (now I never actually finished last season, Elana just became way to annoying) I also don't really like the new girlfriend but I think it is in prep for a bitch fight between her and Caroline. I would LOVE Stephan and Caroline together and then have, Klaus show back up. THAT would be good tv.

Jeremy doesn't fight Elena b/c they got him in that cabin and 'cured' that issue.

It seems pretty typical VD to me. BUT... what was with that last scene with Damon and Bonnie???? and do you think Alaric is going to go all wipey wipey on Elena?

Anonymous said...

By the way that ^^^^was from Tanya!

Purgatory Carol said...

LOL Tanya!!! OMG you should see my Reign recap. Yawn. I almost don't want to post it, it's so boring!!! Vampire Diaries was RIVETING compared to that!

I LOVED Damon making Bonnie smiley face pancakes. It was SO funny. I don't know what Alaric is doing but the day they hook him up with Elena is the day I stop watching. Not even kidding!!!

OMG Stefan against Klaus for Caroline! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!! I love it!!!! I may have to make a meme!! LOLOL