Reign: Getting Good.

SPOILER ALERT:  I have seen through Season 2: Episode 4!

Watching tonight's episode of Reign and ooooh wheee!  THIS is the episode I've been waiting for since last season!!!

Mary and Lola are FINALLY having it out!!  It is ABOUT friggin TIME!!!  What BULLSHIT to think that these two would have been able to continue being besties and lunch in the garden together when Mary has got to be SEETHING about Lola sleeping with Francis!!  AND AND AND...Lola is completely OUT-OF-LINE right now.  How DARE she treat Mary like she's a bitchy royal who steps on everyone????  Mary has treated her like GOLD ever since she found out Lola was pregnant with Francis's child and THIS is how Lola repays her???  Mary LET Lola stay at the castle...she LET Lola raise that kid so close to Francis...Hell, she's LETTING them give the kid a friggin PARTY to introduce him to society!!!  And Lola's all "Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh...Help my friendddd...she had one moment of weakness wahhhhh."  OMG Lola is on my LAST nerve and better CHECK HERSELF.

A few things:

Mary's pregnant!!! How awesome is that???  She and Francis actually looked like they were HAPPY for five minutes when they were getting all cutesy out on the green.  Let's hope it will last.

HOW hilarious was Catherine when she barged into Mary and Francis' quarters???  OMG I love that woman.  She makes this show the dramedy it is!

Bash is friggin HOT.  I took one look at this video and realized I have been missing the true hottie on this show!!!

Greer is a dumbass.  Just hook up with Leif and call it a day!  Boyfriend is hot and digs you immensely.  WHAT is the problem??  The rich, curly haired Sean Penn look alike will get over it.  Maybe he can marry Lola.

OMG Mary is going to be the godmother of Lola's kid?  THAT is a creepfest.

Awww poor Mary.  I think I kindof knew that baby was not to be.  See the aforementioned "hope it will last" comments for clarification.  (And not to be gross...but I was salivating over her stained pink shoes when she retired to her chamber.  Hey.  A girl can't help it when it comes to great shoes!)

Looking forward to next week!!

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