Vampire Diaries

SPOILER ALERT:  I'm 2 eps into season 6 of Vampire Diaries.

Oooh SO busted, chumley!!  That was specTACular when Caroline walked in with Old Rude Vampire Dude.  The look on Stefan's face.  YOWsa.

This security in Mystic Falls situation is's the word?  Oh yeah...RIDICULOUS.

OMGOMGOMG "She fell in love with Damon when she was still with Stefan."  And there stands Stefan right behind her.  FAIL!!!

"You're a dick!!" That...ruled.  And Stefan deserved it.

OMG this compel me bullshiz is getting old.  Why can't Elena just grow the frig up and deal with Damon's "death?"  What a coward!  Everyone else has to deal with loss...but noooo...not Elena.  She gets to just forget...again.

I love this back and forth stuff with Damon and's so sad.  Which is awesome because that's when Damon's at his best.

LOL - the scenes for next week are hilarious: "Is that blood - or pie?"

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