Vampire Diaries: Friendsgiving

SPOILER ALERT: Friendsgiving y'all. Season 6. 

Um...wha?? Did the guys just say Caroline slept with Damon??  Man they really rehash all the good shit while they're avoiding Friendsgiving!

Speaking of Friendsgiving...soooo much to say.  First of all...why is Alaric's not really but kindof girlfriend there if Alaric isn't?  Oooh bitchy witch JUST voiced that eXACT opinion!  BUT - why is SHE there? I mean, I know she's with Tyler...but still.  She's new and should shut her bitchy mouth. I dig Alaric's new kindof girlfriend and she kicked ASS on Prison blondie can just shut her curly-haired pie hole.

Oh NOW we're getting to the good stuff.  Kai and Alaric's kindof girlfriend are brother and sister.  And they're also brother and sister to the twins.

Ohhhhh...NOW we know why blondie's such a bitch!  She has to combine her power with her brother (wonder twin powers...ACTIVATE!) and then he'll die since he's the weaker of the two of them.  Well...frankly...I don't care WHAT her dumbass problem is; bitch was mean to Caroline!  WRONG way to be. I love that kooky vamp chick!

Uh oh...she's confessing to Tyler.  And since Tyler loves hisself some homegrown drama, he'll be all over her in seconds.

WHOA.  This is some DEEP SHIZ going on tonight.  Kai just stabbed Bonnie!  Luckily Alaric's Kindof girlfriend - aka JO - lived because Elena saved her.  LOL Damon JUST SAID what I've been saying; Joe has known Alaric for 3 days. LOL!

OMG Damon and Elena sitting at that bar together??  I almost hope he brings Bonnie back and then dumps Elena's whiny ass. ;)

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