Downton Abbey: Note-taking 101

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched 6 episodes in Season 5.

Here are my (edited) notes as I watched this hilarious ep...

Edith - here is your telegram on a plate!  Gobble up this awful news with your eggs, dear.

MaMA is in bed.  Thank GOD baxter got her her breakfast so quickly and efficiently.

Well of course it's terible.  What did she think he was doing?  Living in a tree?  OMG MARY YOU BITCH.  "I don't know what he saw in Edith."  Bad karma blankets her life because she SUCKS.

How can Anna stand Mary when Anna is SO damned nice??

Edith is like....on an island at a table full of people.  No, FAMILY.  It's sickening.  Her mother should hold her hand.  Or get up and give her a hug.  SOMETHING.  It's just so sad.

Oh no.  Anticipation-filled Downton music.  This isn't good.  It's like when the Bradys played their regular music...slowwwwwly.

Why is this Russian man living in this disgusting room?  And HOW is the Dowager Countess visiting ALONE in his room??  "I wanted you form the moment i first saw you more than mortal men ever wanted women."  OMG Grandmama is getting some serious PLAY from Egor right now!!!

I am SICK that Gregson is dead.  Really dead.  I wanted him to be alive and show up and piss Mary off that Edith was married and she wasn't.

Poor Edith!!! Who gives a rat's ass about Mary's hair????

MR. BATES: Because you think I'm a murderer.  AND THERE IT IS!!!  Don't know if we should trust Mr. Bates or not, though.  I think Mrs. Hughes DID keep the ticket.  Is it torn???  We shall see.

What a cute little steeplechase.  It's like The Quiet Man.

Edith = Jan Brady.

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