Reign: The Creepy and the Cray Cray

Spoiler Alert:  Season 2 - Ep 7: The Prince of the Blood

Mary, I can't figure out whether I love you, or want to
take all your clothes and give them to the homeless.
Why isn't Francis just having Narcisse killed?  This is borderline ridiculous. Be a king, dude. Hell - he should have Bash do it.  AND - speaking of Bash...lordddddd give this guy a better storyline.  He's a solid actor...he's freakin' adorbs...he's Francis' brother for god's sake.  Geez.

Oooh LOVE Narcisse's commentary to Lola on the horse.  She is going to give in eventually...if she has a brain in her head! ;)

OMG HOW long are we oging to have to watch Francis and Mary bicker? This is so stupid.

And someone please explain to me...if Francis signed an edict..and they're hunting protestants, how is Conde running around freely and chit chatting with one and all?  He's a protestat. (And has some major hots for Mary, I might add!)

Hey Ma...want to up the
creep factor 'round here? 
Oooh this storyline with the little girls is creepy as all hell!  I love it!  But so sad! Way too sad for
Reign! :(  And Claude, yo.  M'girl is a little cray cray.

Hello? Does anyone even realize Bash has been shot with an arrow?  I love how it looks like he's dying while he's on the leaves...but then he's just got a teeny hole in his chest and is up and about like he's about to run a marathon five minutes later.  Lucky Kenna got a good...what?...1 minute appearance?  I guess that's more than I can say for Greer and the grey haired Sean Penn doppleganger she's married to.

OMG Francis you dumbass...just TELL Mary WTF is going on!  She's not a china doll for god's sake!  She can handle the situation a lot better if she knows what Narcisse is up to.  And again - why he's still alive is beyond me...other than the fact that he's got an evil, sinister HOTness about him that makes me want them to keep him on the show.

And m'girl Lola better get her hand OFF Francis' shoulder and KEEP it off.  Just go do Narcisse like you've wanted to ever since you read that stupid book, ya ho bag.

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