Vampire Diaries: Goodbye to You

SPOILER ALERT:  Season 6 - Episode 12: 

(There's actually been one episode since this...we're waiting for 14 this week. are my notes from ep 11.  'Cuz they made me giggle, even though they're week-old.)

LOVE the whole compelling Matt thing.  But couldn't he get around it???  

I think I hate Katherine's daughter.  She's annoying. 

Tyler is doing shots at 7:42 am.  

Oooh what's with the kid looking for Elena?  He cut off the funding to the vampire haters.  That's cool.  BUT - he wants Caroline to tell elena he's sorry?  Now isn't THAT interesting.  Methinks he's diggin' on her.  That would rule.  I'd rather her get away from BOTH Salivate Salvatore brothers, once Katherine finally gives up her body. 


Stefan:  "How'd you like to be judged solely by who you're attracted to?"
Caroline:  Why? Do you know something?

OMG Elena's back!!!!  LOVE THIS!  You get out of there girl!  SHIT - she's back.  Katherine.  DAMN.  And I don't even LIKE Elena...but now I feel bad. 

Best Damon lines:

1) You once told me that calling me Satan was an insult to Satan.
2) You brought be love advice from Prudy Trudy.

OMG poor Caroline.  Tyler heard her.  Wouldn't it be funny if she yelled "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!"  LOLOL

Awww C'mon - that isn't fair of Damon to say Stefan is enjoying Elena dumping him.  Stefan's been beyond cool about this relationship. 

Tyler's a douche.  STFU dude.  Even though you are looking very Robert Pattison-as-Edward Cullen in the Cafeteria scene of Twilight this evening.  Scrumpdillyicious.

Um, is anyone ever going to realize that Matt is the best looking guy on this show?  Jeremy's pretty tasty, too...but he's too dopey to be hot. 

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