The Walking Dead: We May Need Fonzie Soon

SPOILER ALERT:  Just watched the season 4 mid-season premiere. 

Every once in a while, an episode bores me so badly, I find it funnier to post the notes I took whilst sleeping through watching the show.  Enjoy.  

Why aren't these walker pets attacking Michonne?  I understand we have to suspend disbelief...but not after 4 seasons.  That's kindof BS.  These walker pets even have arms!  Hell...even severed walked HEADS want to eat you?  Whassup?

Ummm...Why is Carl mad at Rick?   Why isn't he waiting for him?  

OK enough of Rick and Carl walking around this's getting old. 

Holy shit Carl you dumbass!!!

Dear Rick...are you dead?  Love, Carol

Poor Michonne.  Was that her baby??  Did her baby die??

This is boring the shit out of me.  A whole ep of Carl?  Ew. And could there BE any more commercials?  WTF?  What the eff IS this?  A Very Special Walking Dead?  An After School special??? 

Aaaaand there's Michonne.  Walkin' with her walker friends.  

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