Fifty Shades of Tsk Tsk Tsk

OK so Julia just sent me this interesting DListed article about Fifty Shades of Grey...and how the author thinks the film is going to suck because there won't be enough sex and nudity.

I wanted to share my response with you guys and get your opinions.

(Am I on an island?)

I’m sure I'm in the minority because I really don’t want tons and tons of sex.  For me, personally, the heart of the story is Christian Grey’s effed up mind…and the people/things that have shaped his life.  I think our imaginations are usually more sexy than what’s on screen. I fear they could really screw it up if they show too much.  Just the sight of the red room - for me - will be truly exciting.  (Expecting everyone to disagree.  It’s cool.)  :)

PS - I am pleasantly surprised that everyone who responded to the email thread agreed!  I truly thought I would come off as boring as hell.  LOL   It's such an interesting topic...and not just for Fifty Shades.  I'm definitely a "less is more" person.  How about you?  

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Mon said...

I'm with you on this. Everyone has their own perception of what will make it great. Personally I don't want to watch a porno in the movie theater. Less is definitely more in this case, let our imaginations take us there. CG and his f*cked up brain and personality relating to Anastasia is the heart of the matter.