In The Flesh: SO Much More Than a Zombie Show

Hi.  I'm Kieren and I'm adorbs.
So you can't hate me, dead or not.
SPOILER ALERT:  I've seen eps 1 & 2.

HOLY COW this is a good miniseries!  I cannot believe how many social issues they're covering!  I also can't BELIEVE Rick is such a little PANSY ASS PANSY.  Oh my god...just stand up to your douche of a father!  Although - I get it; he can't.  He just got home...and they never talked about him being gay in the first place...Oh my GOD this is SO American Beauty!!

I am so into this relationship between Kieren and Rick.  I think it's so sweet they way they built up to their seeing each other again.  As the Brits say, it was "lovely".  I was on the edge of my seat during that reunion in the "PDS section" of the club.  (Can't really call it a bar, now, can I?  It was like every Elks club or VFW hall you've ever seen.

And how about poor Kieren?!  He's just trying to keep everyone the extent of play-eating his mom's dinner (which reminds me of the mother in Better Off Dead..."Fronch bread...Fronch dressing)...and gets shit on at every turn!

And Kieren's sister?  I hated her at first...but now I totally understand her.  She's still angry at him for killing himself.  And she hasn't dealt with that yet.  And now she has to deal with his zombieness on TOP of that...AND her relationship with the HVF (which I now know means Human Volunteer Force.)

Hi, I'm Amy.  Thank God for me or
Kieren would still be home pretending
to eat his mom's home cooking
And his new friend?  Amy?  She is awesome because she just meets it all head-on.  The questions...the fear...the loathing (her own and the rest of the world's)...ALL of it.  She's SO good for Kieren.  I hope she sticks around.

I can't tell you how thought-provoking this show is.  I see EVERYONE'S point!  If I were them, I wouldn't want the rotters living in my town, either.  What if they don't take their meds and get rabid again??  BUT - what if one of them is your own flesh and blood??  Wow, you can equate this to so many different personal issues that go on in families, towns,'s just unreal.

OK I'll stop pontificating now.  Just watch the damn show.  It packs a PUNCH in a VERY short amount of time.  You'll laugh, you'll'll feel every emotion.


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