Game of Thrones: Season 3 Finale. Really? That's it?

Whoa.  Kindof an anticlimactic episode after all the deaths last week.

OK this is going to seem a little choppy since I was typing it last night while watching...and there were more characters than on the entire run of The Simpsons, Cheers AND Mash combined.

Last night was totally Awesome Quote Sunday!

I'm only into drinking.  Joffrey is into
Fifty Shades of Grey...and then some.
LOVED Tyrion's line to Sansa..something like "What am I? Joffrey?"

"Any man who must say 'I am the King'..."  LOVED that line, even though it came from douchey Papa Lannister.

Do you want to write a song for the dead Starks?  Shit, I don't even remember who sait that...but that shit was funny.

Hubster and I were wondering why are they torturing the dude on the x...until his asshole father got the letter.  More in a few...

I love the hefty, monk-looking kid and his girlfriend with the baby.  "What I know is what I saw."  That's right tell 'em.

Amusing conversation between myself and hubster:

I'm Mister White Christmas...
even though all the Starks are dead.
Me:  I don't even remember where The Starks are from...the north?  The south?
Hub: The north...they're from...
Me: Oh right...WINTERfell.  The north.  They're like the Snow Meiser.

"It's not easy being drunk all the time."  Oh holy hell I love that Tyrion.  Remind me to make my Tyrion/Arthur meme.

OMG JUST KILL THE STUPID REDHEADED BEOTCH PLEASE!  She's such a knowitall.  Just shut UP for the love of all that's holy in this world!!!  Shut...UP!

"People learn to love their chains." - GREAT LINE KHALEESI

So we don't know if Jon Snow is going to live (but we're pretty sure because...we're experiencing a major loss of hotties and his death would make things much worse.)  WHAT a bitch that redheaded Jan Brady is.  I hate her.  I hope she gets her ass kicked by someone fun like Baby Girl Stark or Khaleesi.

Don't let the girl thing fool you.  I have Madonna armor. 
How about the X Man's (can't remember his name) dad practically saying "eff him" and his sister
taking all the brutes to go save his dickless ass?  That ruled.

Who's up for a
little crowd surfing?
Khaleesi's on my last nerve…again.  

One minute she's all needy and "they hate me" and the next she's diving into the mosh pit of freshly freed slaves. 

OMG - Young Stark chick kicks ASS.  I love that kid. 

I think hot bastard Baratheon is going to hook up with Sansa and it's going to be an explosion of virgin love.  Then she'll get preggars and Tyrion's off the hook.  And how's about Tyrion's hooker girlfriend not taking the money?!?  I was so proud of her (although the new life the unic described sounded rather tasty.  An Tyrion could visit!)  

Wow - I think it's time for me to read these books.  Or at least the Cliff's Notes.  I'm horrendously confused...even if the show is completely delish. 


Tracey R. said...

I HIGHLY recommend the Entertainment Weekly morning-after recap. I've read books 1/2, and I STILL get confused by stuff!

Purgatory Carol said...

Gracias. And feel free to post comments about the ep, even though we already discussed over email. LOL

MB said...

Have you seen this?

It has a pretty in-depth list of the characters. It helped me out. It does sort of contain spoilers based off of the books but because HBO isn't following them to a T...
Personally, I don't mind spoilers.

JW said...

Here's what you need - easy to remember names for everyone.

Purgatory Carol said...

LOL Thanks MB - and yes. I usually use that when I'm blogging (it's awesome!) but I stopped googling GOT when I found out about Robb Stark "dying at a Lannister wedding" on a website. :( Sad Carol.

Purgatory Carol said...

Holy mother of holy hell JW I LOVE YOU!!! THAT is SO going on the blog!!! OMG Funniest thing I've seen in ages! I feel so ONE with the creator! Those names are so me!! Did you make that??

Anonymous said...

hi carol! i just found this...didn't know you were blogging about game of thrones as your tv purgatory blog is kinda hidden in the outlander blog. :( please make your tv blog a bigger presence on the outlander page.

read the books! they are excellent. and george rrrrrr martin is awesome! ...julie in jersey.