Game of Thrones: Stark Raving Mad

SPOILER ALERT:  I have 1 episode left in Season 3! special.  Rob Stark is asking mummy's advice.  "Show them what it feels to lose what they love"???  WTF woman!  YOU'RE the one who sent Jaimie back!  You could've killed HIM! You could've shown CERSEA what it feels like!  (Not that my drooling ass would've wanted you to).

I don't care who the frig you
are.  Go fix me a turkey pot pie.
"I'm Mary."


I LOVE the relationship between Dragon Lady and her #1 Ex Slave who is a leader now and gets a say in important matters.  The new hot dude isn't quite as hot as I thought he was.  Boyfriend needs to keep his mouth closed and get some braces over the HBO break.

I'm going to be mean to you as much
as I want because I'm young and cute. 
I also love the relationship between the youngest Stark and Burnface.  He talks a good game but he's
got a chivalrous streak and can't stand to disappoint her.  It's cute.  They need each other.  Even though she's pledged to put a sword through his eye and through the back of his skull and all.  Geez if I had a dime for every time I THAT to some big huge guy who could kill me...

Oooh damn - three cheers for Jon Snow!  Someone grew some BALLS during the two week HBO hiatus!  NICE!!!  But is he going to leave Jan Brady there with the red-heided possible Older Jamie Fraser?  Something tells me he's got more than good looks up his sleeve.  He'll be back.  And then Jan will give him a big, ol' can-o-WHOOPASS before she shags him again while telling him he's a loser.

I am way too important
to marry some heffer. 
OMG this wedding?  SHE'S adorable and HE'S an ass!  He's all worried about her looks...what a douche.  He doesn't deserve such a cutie pie!  And can someone explain to me who got married?  Who's the groom?  And who is the king-dad of the hot bride?

Wow that littlest Stark is adorable, isn't he?  I don't even remember hearing him talk before.  He's so Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Senese.  All I can hear is him saying "she said...EVERY day".

OMG WHAT is up with this bedding ceremony??? Are they all watching?!

I'mmm comin' Neddd!!!
Oh holy SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!  Ya know...I saw a spoiler about Rob Stark dying at a Lannister wedding.  But GEEZ.  I thought it would be Joffrey's.  So these are Lannisters?  WTF I can't keep it all straight.  And HOLY SHIT they kill Mama Stark?!?  THAT bums me out.  I really have to read these friggin books so I know what's going to happen.  I don't think I can take such a last minute heartache being dropped in my lap.

OMG I don't even know what to DO with myself.  And I was just starting to like Rob Stark and his hot, pregnant wife, too.  RATS.

I swear to god, if anyone touches my precious Tyrion...HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!!!


GP said...

1. The groom is brother to Catelyn (mama Stark).

2. The old dude is Walder Frey - who "owns" The Twins, and Robb is all desperate to make friends with them after promising to marry one of Walder's daughters and then backing out and marrying someone else. They are NOT Lannisters, but they may as well be for as much as they hate the Starks now.

3. The bedding is where they carry off the bride & groom whilst making bawdy jokes and remarks at their expense. On the way to the bridal chamber they basically tear the clothes off them both and then toss them into the room so that the bride can be deflowered. They don't watch, but they probably wait outside drinkin'.

MB said...

"Boyfriend needs to keep his mouth closed and get some braces over the HBO break." AHahahahahaha!! LOVE IT! I though the same thing after his first appearance.

Anonymous said...

They killed the whole show for me with the wedding murders. Too brutal, too mean (in terms of writing), too... Just too much.

Adios Game of Thrones! Your desire to shock and kill off main characters has ended one viewer's dedication (probably ONLY one, but myself is all I can speak for).

Real world sucks enough without signing up for voluntary heartache, fiction or otherwise.