ONCE Upon a Time: Peter Pan is SO Rude!

SPOILER ALERT:  I'm up to the 2nd to last episode in Season 2.  

I'm just as cute on Once as
I was on True Blood, yeah? 
Holy crap.  Neil sure does have shitty luck with portals!  WTF?? Where'd he go?  And he finally found out that Tamara was up to no good, too.  That is reallyyyyyy annoying.  They better bring his ass back.  It was upsetting enough when they killed him off True Blood.  I don't think I could deal with it if he didn't show up and get back with Emma.

Ugh - Mr. Gold.  I'm tired of his whole setup with "Lacey".  She's baaaaaad news.  Worse than he is.  I fear she's going to leave him.  Or kill him.  One of the two.  (Has anyone ever pondered the enormity of this show without Robert Carlyle?  I can't even imagine.)

Oooh snap - I'm still watching and "Bay" aka "Neil" aka "Rene" was just dropped in the water by Evil Peter Pan (which I don't like at ALL.  Who makes Peter Pan evil??  THAT pisses me off.)

Wait - Neil is on a ship.  Gotta be...yup...HOOK.  He's now on Hook's boat.  Oh SHIT!  Gold killed Hook's girlfriend aka Gold's own slutty wife!  And now his own son is on the ship with Hook!  Didn't see THAT one coming.

Emma is all upset about Neil.  But...hello?  He's fallen through a portal before...what makes her think he won't come back again?  Such a glass half empty type of girl.

And um, meanwhile, could they at least give us some sort of HINT as to where Neil is now?  WAIT - WAIT - WAIT - Hook was WITH Tamara and the weird dude earlier in the episode.  Maybe HE has Neil now...just like he had him when he was a kid and was in the water!

Lordddddddd Snow's hair.  Don't get me wrong - she's adorable with short hair.  But this?  It's practically shaved.  And that is a toughhhhh look for women to pull off.  She needs a little flip in the back or something.

Oh shiz - Regina built a curse into the gem.  Tamara and her dorky boyfriend have it.  Uh ohhhh...she wants to "blow Storybrook off the map".  Not exactly a fun scenario.

Lorddddddd the Avengers...NOT.
OMG - next week:  Regina, Charming, Snow and Emma - all running toward us in dark colors...just
like the Avengers.  Lord, it's like Season 4 of True Blood.  Meh.

Season finale next week too.  Wonder what the cliff hanger will be this time.  Lemme guess?  They all end up back in the old world.  Or the new world.  Shit, I can't keep this show straight.  It's like LOST with prettier costumes.


Anonymous said...

I think this show needs to be called 'Days of Our Lives with Magic'. It is getting so confusing, are we in the past or the present and who is dead but not really and where are they getting food if they have no outside visitors coming in, office supplies, mail, hydro...... Just wondering!

I did NOT like the Peter Pan shadow thing AT ALL! That was so mean and wrong and frankly a little scary. I'm more afraid of the shadow than I am of Hook. But let's be honest, who couldn't love that adorable face?

You are right, it does seem to be bordering on LOST and not in a good way.


Anonymous said...

I think that the reason Emma is so freaked out - aside from the fact that they have no idea where Neil is - is that he was shot and needed medical attention. She is assuming that where ever he ends up, he won't be able to get treatment in time and will therefore die. I'm glad they were able to tell each other how they felt anyway. It will make it easier for them later.

Maybe the fact that he is the son of Hook's lady-love saves his life. . . .

Purgatory Carol said...

Great point. I shouldn't be so flip. ;) I just get a little exhausted with all the trauma on this show sometimes. It's so out there that it's hard to feel bad when someone is shot because you think "eh - he'll be OK". ;)

Purgatory Carol said...

Someone on the Facebook page just reminded me it's Peter's evil shadow and not Peter. I hope they show Peter in a future episode to make up for scaring the shit out of me. ;)