Game of Thrones: All Sorts of Cray Cray Happening Now

SPOILER ALERT:  I am current in Game of Thrones as of Sunday, May 12th. 

GO John Snow.  I knew he'd stand up for himself to the dude who tried to cut him loose.  John's been steadily growing a set since he got together with the furry people and Jan Brady.

OMG Rob Stark is thinking with NOTHING but his Johnson.  It's pathetic.  And his mother knows it.  And she knows he's going to get them all killed.

Oh lordddddddddd...Rob Stark's wife has a bun in the oven.  Even MORE to keep him from doing his job and thinking like a king. the dude who almost killed John Snow and Jan Brady has a thing for Jan!  OutSTANDing!

Uh ohhhh...Sansa is pouring her heart out to Anne Boleyn from the Tudors...aka the future Mrs. Joffrey Borathean.  Who, PS, is AWESOME on pretty much any show she's on.  Thank God Sansa has her to talk to.  And I can't believe she admits what Joffrey did to her!  (Do we know exactly what he did to her?)

Great conversation between Tyrion and his right hand man:  "If you waste time trying to get people to love you you'll end up the most popular dead man in town."  I agree with the right hand man.  Tyrion wants Sansa...he just doesn't want to admit he wants Sansa.

I have a sneaking suspicion Joffrey is going to have his grandfather killed one day.  I'm just not sure when.

Ohhhh boy.  Khaleesi is about to steal s'more slaves.  NICE.

OMG I feel so bad for Tyrion's whore.  The poor thing.  And I was cheering her when she stood up for herself.  As much as I love myself some Tyrion Lannister, I'd have done the same thing.  She has to look out for herself...and he can't have his cake and eat it too.

On the Borathean bastard:

Hubby:  He's...he's...(then, simultaneously):
Hubby: The Full Monty's son.
Me:  Fred Flinstone's son.

LOL!! So funny.

OH MY GOD they're going to cut off ________ johnson!!!!!  Holy CRAP!  That scene was horrifying!!

And now Jan Brady is realizing that John Snow has zero intentions of going over the wall with her and her furry friends.  I thought she'd flip out on him...but instead...she jumped him!  That was tremendous!!!


Anonymous said...

Just watched this episode and can I say I am totally voting for Khaleesi to win. I want her and the Stark's to rule with the furry people as their helpers. Yes that is my naïve little world of everyone being happy.
Did you forget about Jamie and Sasquatch? They are SO totally getting married.
I. CANNOT. HANDLE. THE. TORTURE! What is going on there and why are those girls happy about it, while they are naked?! I never liked the guy but COME ON, enough already!


Purgatory Carol said...

OMG the torture is killing me. Thank GOD he wasn't on last night (I'll be posting that soon.)

OMG If you know something about Jamie and Sasquatch - don't tell me! LOL!! I think they have developed quite a bond. I can't wait to see what happens.

I love your naive little world!!! Khaleesi has zero self-doubt; I LOVE THAT!!!