Vampire Diaries: A Very Special Holiday Spectacular

OK - sitting here watching Vampire Diaries and thinking "HOW did I miss the fact that yet another show was NEW this week?!"  Thank God for my DVR!!!  I thought this AND American Horror story were on hiatus!  SWEET!"

Even my cro-magnon
head is all sorts-a-hawt.
Oooh hot scene with Damon and Elenabeotch.  He's adorable now that he's adorable.  Although sometimes he looks like a drac from Enemy Mine.  That forehead!  I literally just heard myself say:  "Whoa.  Look at his Cro Magnon head."

OK...yada yada...Stefan and Klaus are bonding but not really...yada yada Caroline is mad that Tyler's going to encase his body in cement like Hoffa...yada yada gratuitous Steve McQueen tank top shot...YOWSA that kid is smokin'.

Nice move Jer!  He almost had her!!  Just a few micro seconds quicker with that knife and Elenabeotch would have gone DOWN!!!!

OH geez now Caroline is bitching at Stefan (what else is new?) to get Klaus' sword before Tyler-and-his-hybrids take him down.

UGH Winter Wonderland.  Does Caroline EVER do ANYTHING but run fund-raisers and cotillions?!

Oh SHIT - Caroline and Klaus!  Shhhh!  Be right back!  I can't talk when they're making nice nice together.  Chills.

Sighhhhh.  I'm back.  I LOVE those two.  "The suspense is terrible!  I hope it will last."

Is anyone NOT just counting the
hours until they kill me off?
OMG is it me or is this man-witch-non-witch a pain in the ASS?  I don't like him at ALL.  I don't think I'm supposed to, maybe they'll kill him soon.  He's like one of those stupid maenads from the Sookie Stackhouse novels aka True Blood.

ZZZZZ...this is the point in the ep where I get bored.  Caroline is locked up with Stefan (lucky girl) and a bunch of hybrids.  Witchy man just told Damon and Elenabeotch that they don't need Klaus' sword; they just have to dig up some dude named Silus (is it me or does that name sound indicative of a hawt fella?)

OK so Thursday, January 17th.  That's when we find out WHAT kind of mental ass-whooping Stefan's going to give Elenabeotch when she gets back from the lake house.  She's skippin' her non-sired ass home to him and he's gonna tell her to git GOING on her merry ass way.  Oooooh I cannot TELL you how excited I am for that. (((claps hands like a 4 year old on a pony ride)))

And what's up with that cute little girl who actually really IS in high school?  She is going to wake Rebecca which RULES because I love Rebecca and her misunderstood bitchiness.

Awww shucks.
I lasted a long time, no?
And poor Tyler's mom.  Geez - was she the LAST adult to go?  Now it's just a bunch of teens running around...a la iCarly!

And we all knew that bitchy hybrid was going to sell Tyler out to Klaus.  Frankly I was kindof happy as those whiny hybrids were getting on my last nerve.

OK I've waxed on enough for one evening.  WHAT a great episode to stumble upon when I thought it wasn't even going to be new!!!

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