Hopeless, Party of Sky?

SPOILER ALERT - It's Friday, September 28 in Hopeless.

SKY, you ignorant non-slut. HOW can you not realize that Holder is wondering if the rumors are true? Hell - make something up about the damned bracelet if you don't want to tell him the truth. But don't sit there and not tell him anything! Sheesh. You are such a ding dong sometimes.

All she had to do was say "I'll tell you later and no, it's not from a guy." Would that have been so hard? HE is as stubborn as YOU, you dumbass. GET in this game! I'M in the game...HOLDER is in the game...HILDY has FINISHED the game..and you, SKY, are just pussyfooting around (haven't you always wanted to use pussyfoot in a sentence?) and NOT getting in the damned game.


PS - What was with the grinding? I have one word for you: Chafed.

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Anonymous said...

Call it dry humping, Carol. You know you want to! Why didn't you post a pic of Justin Timberlake in Bad Teacher? LOL!!!!

ITA about Sky not speaking up! Totally!