Once Upon a Time: Hook, Line and Stinker

You know what's so funny?  The Queen can be so Fran Dresher sometimes.  She just...sounds like her.  Or a less New York version of her. 

I love this newfound kindship between the queen and Rumple.  They're both so...congenial.  It's refreshing!

Whoa!  We're in Rumple's cell and what a creepfest it is!  EMMA EMMA EMMA EMMA EMMA EMMA...eeek!  I guess he needed something to pass the time.  No seriously - waiting patiently while hubby fast forwards the commercials to find out. 

OH my god this show is so friggin confusing.  Portals and powers and magic, oh my.  Ooooh quite a showdown between Emma, Snow, Hook and Cora!  And how about hook giving Aurora's heart back to Mulan?  That was pretty sweet, even though he's a complete douche.  Damn, though!  Why does he have to be such a hot douche?? 

Oooh SNAP!  Emma and Snow just jumped into the portal!  Is this the mid-season finale?  (WTF came up with that stupid term, by the way?) 

OK - it's over.  And I am anNOYED.  WHY didn't they invite Regina to dinner at Granny's diner??  That is SO rude.  Henry's a little shit and his grandpop, Charming is a little pissant!  She helped them BIG time; they should forgive her and let her into their circle. 

(Remind me I bitched about this in January when she's being a complete beotch and I'm ranting about how much I hate her.)  ;) 

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