Seyit and Sura: 9 Episodes Left

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT - under ANY circumstances - read this unless you have seen Episode 36 in Seyit and Sura. (Unless you love spoilers, in which case, read on!)

OK so after temporarily breaking up with Seyit and Sura due to 1) the overpowering reality of their
relationship's demise setting in, 2) too much crying for one sane person, and 3) being OVER IT with the Jack Tripper shenanigans (#Petro #Ayse)...I trod lightly BACK into Istanbul waters last night and watched Eps 34 - 36.

BOY am I glad I did. Nothing better to get you over heartache than to watch your favorite lead character transform himself into a MAJOR ASS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS right in front of your eyes...all while Sura is handling herself with grace (when she's not swigging from a vodka bottle), dignity (when she's not throwing the aforementioned vodka bottle across the room) and just a little too much Petro-friendliness (we all have our weaknesses.) But let's be honest; Seyit has become something SOOOO unfathomably different than that the Russian soldier we fell in love with.

WHAT is with the attitude toward Sura? Oh right, she's a little too tight with Petro. Fine. I get it.

WHAT is with the handlebar mustache? Ew. Just, no. Just, ew. OK it was "in" at the time. I get it.

WHAT is with the clothes? Hey Seyit, Tony Manero called, he wants his vest back. UGH. Yes, yes...1920s Istanbul. I GET IT!!

Perhaps I am just lying to myself myself that I am not at all interested in this guy...but watching poor Sura hang on to their dying relationship is bringing back horrifying memories from old boyfriends I'd rather forget.

And now we come to the dreaded proposal.


Once again, you saw Sura having fun, which you should WANT HER TO DO after she STAYED IN ISTANBUL FOR YOU, got your business up and running while you were in jail, cries daily for IDIOT. (Incidentally, I spat "IDIOT" at the screen about 5 times last night during the dreaded Episode 36.)

So your SPITEFUL, JEALOUS, STUBBORN ass is just going to run over there and propose to someone you don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW HER, Seyit!! What are you, a complete MORON?!?

OMG I have to stop. I get myself so crazed...and so much of this did NOT even happen!!

And I keep remembering that if Seyit never married Murka, the lovely Nermin Bezmen would never have been born.  And that, my friends, would just be a tragedy, in and of itself. ❤️

So if you want a good representation of what *did* happen (in a page or two), take a look at Ginger Monette's outstanding WWI/Historical Fiction blog where she has interviews with Nermin Bezmen here and here.  (BEWARE; they're a quagmire of spoiler reality.)

Or just buy Kurt Seyt & Shura and pour over it like I have been.

And I'm warning you; you'll cry a I just did in the garage, with my back to my son, so he wouldn't see that Mom is crying - once again - about people she does not know, who have been dead for half a century...and it's only 10:15 in the morning.

As much as I tell myself I hate Kurt Seyit, to get through these last 9 episodes, I'm completely and utterly full of caca. I am so smitten with just the mere thought of the memory of "Seyit and Sura" that it will take me a long time to get out from under this massive cloud of their eternal love.

In more formal terms; it will last for all eternity. 💔

Informal terms?

That shit will just never go away. ☺️😢

Seyit and Sura: STOP This Ride, I Wanna Get Off

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you've watched up through Episode 33 of Kurt Seyit ve Sura.

Oh. My. God. (said like Janice from "Friends.") How on EARTH did we get here? Last night I was bawling my eyes out and tonight I'm shaking my head and having visions of Fonzie in a leather jacket and tighty whiteys.

Is it me??? 

I mean, are you KIDDING me??? FIRST we've got the Baroness telling Sura all sorts of sordid tales...because of her loveeeee for Seyit. Then we've got kooky Ayse and her bed antics...because she's so in loveeeee with Seyit. Then we had barfly whatshername? Vera? Who wanted a big ol' piece of Seyit...and GOT one. And that he lived through war and lived through a fire and lived through prison - TWICE - now we've got this NEWBIE PAIN IN MY ASS who seems to be internally battling her cray cray mother's wishes - as much as wearing her hijab - and INSTANTLY SHE, too, is in loveeeeee with Seyit. (Despite his horrific, Three Amigos-esque mustache.)

For the love of all that's holy. Is anyone NOT in love with Seyit on this damn show?!?

And so many things are NOT adding up. I repeat: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???  Last night Sura was kissing Seyit after the fire and telling him she wouldn't move one step away from him...and tonight she's telling him she's going to stay in the BLOOD MONEY CONDO that Petro rents for her...and not Seyit's room upstairs in the laundry...because she doesn't want to be away from Tina, who is always trying to break her the hell up with Seyit!!

And it's only been 8 MONTHS!!! NOT years; MONTHS!! And there's Sura going onnnn and onnnn about her kooky, crazy, rip-roaring good times with those zany pals Tina and Petro...while poor Seyit is trying to forget eating roaches and smelling like ass...on a GOOD prison day.

And don't get me wrong. Do NOT get me wrong; I have a lot of respect for some of the decisions Sura is making. Bottom line, Seyit? IF YOU LIKE IT, PUT A DAMN RING ON IT!!! HOW long is this poor soul supposed to be your mistress in the early 1920s and be at your beck and call? Take her down to the damn registry office, buy Celil some lunch for his time with your paperwork, and MARRY THE POOR GIRL ALREADY!!!!

10 episodes left. TEN. And I am fearing the worst. I already saw a spoiler shot of Seyit walking down the street with Newbie chick...and I'm pretty sure they were arm in arm. And I've been flipping the hell out for 10 eps or so, worrying that it might have been Ayse or Alya. Little did I know they were going to introduce another drop-dead gorgeous woman into this drama, and once again threaten any possibility of Seyit and Sura ending up together.

I HAVE HAD IT!!! THIS happens to test their love...and THAT happens to test their love. At first, it was downright spectacular, because it made for great conflict. But now, the MISUNDERSTANDINGS are starting to multiply SO much that we're almost to the point of feeling like we're watching THREE'S COMPANY and wondering if Jack Tripper is down at the Regal Beagle getting into all kinds of new shenanigans!!

Seriously!! Tonight, we were FINALLY getting some RELIEF once Seyit and Sura SEEMED to be back together (and taking the first ever positively adorable in every way SELFIE)...and Seyit is secretly planning his wedding (at the dining room table out in the open) with Uncle Ali (who I love almost as much as Celil, btw) and DAAANAAAA...WHO is behind Door Number 3??? None other than Petro!! Isn't that great?? So ONCE A-FRIGGIN-GAIN we're going to be taken on a roller coaster ride while Petro screws up Seyit's plans - and both his and Sura's happiness together.

I CAN NOT TAKE THIS SHIT ONE MORE SECOND!! I am too old for all this agita!!!! I have my OWN problems in life!!! This was supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT!!!

I have one thing to ask: SHOULD I KEEP WATCHING THIS SHOW? Because I'm going to tell you right now...right here and now: If Seyit and Sura don't end up together at the end of this season I am going to lose my friggin mind, all over every form of social media there is. Facebook, Twitter, hell...I might even resurrect my old bios on AOL and MySpace and bitch all over the place there, too.

PLEASE tell me I'm not watching this show in vain. PLEASE tell me I'm not going to be incredibly sad when this is all over (although I'm pretty damned sad now, so I'm not sure if being more sad is even possible.)

PLEASE tell me Petro's going to get found out.

PLEASE tell me Seyit and Sura are going to get married.

PLEASE tell me Nermin Bezmin is not only Kurt Seyit Eminof's granddaughter, but Sura's too.

All kidding aside, guys...don't tell me anything; I'm just really upset. I just don't know if I have the strength to SUFFER through 10 more TUMS-inducing episodes, only to walk away with my heart completely broken. 💔

What's a (21% Turkish, according to girl to do?

Seyit and Sura: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you have finished Episode 30 of Kurt Seyit and Sura. 

And please, all of my awesome drama-loving buds, please don't post spoilers in the comments. I have another 15 or 16 episodes to go and have been avoiding the internet like the plague right now. Read on to find out why.

"2 AM and I'm still awake writing a song. If I get it down on paper it's no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to. And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd, 'cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud. And I know that you'll use them however you want to."  ~Breathe by Anna Nalick

Those are lines from one of my favorite songs, that I've used in blog posts before, and here I am using them again. Why? Because I was about to get into bed...yet had to come downstairs to my BFF, aka my MacBook Pro, and get all of this vivid static out of my brain or I'll never be able to sleep.

Another line I'm going to tackle, as I also have before, is this:

"Why Purgatory?"

Let me try to explain.

I have now watched 30 episodes of Kurt Seyit and Sura. And I am exhausted. Never has a story had more of a vice grip on my soul. My dueling sense of all-encompassing fascination and shameless hyper-focus makes me question the depths of my seemingly addictive personality, and I'm not sure I'm winning this fight.

Tonight, after Seyit and Sura finally sat down and talked on the bench at the beach, just before Sura was shot, I had to stop the show and hug my husband...and cry. Oh lord, did I cry. I'm not quite sure he knew what to do as it was happening. I told him, "You're my real life Seyit" while I was blubbering. Somehow it helped to remind myself that these aren't real people (at least in 2018) and I am safe at home with someone who loves me. I have no Petro (that I know of), no Ayse (Lord help us all if I did), and no Baroness who might be gunning for the demise of my lovely, 28 year relationship with a beautiful man who loves me, unconditionally, at any given moment.

And that, really, is the crux of the problem. The crux of MY problem with this show. OH NOT that I have a problem with the show, other than the fact that it makes me want to turn to a crack pipe as methadone. OH no, no, no. The problem I have is within myself, and the things I find I cannot handle, emotionally, while riding this Seyit and Sura roller coaster. On one hand, I could handle it if Sura was leaving, knowing what Seyit had actually done. (Although I'm still holding out silly hope we'll meet Vera? again and find out he passed out while calling Sura's name). And I could handle it if Seyit knew what Sura mistakenly thought had happened between him and Ayse (God forBID because I loathe that woman from the bottom of my shredded soul.) But what I CANNOT begin to accept are the decisions they've been making while not knowing the truth. The truth shall set you free...wait...sorry...the tears are coming again. Be right back...

OK where was I? Oh right. The truth shall set you free. And I have just been such a wreck over this mangled, mixed-up MESS of a once-beautiful life together that they are trying to sift through. Because WE know what's real, but THEY don't. I can't even stand to look at that Ayse, and I thank God every day for Ayla, because she feeds Sura AND Seyit as much truth as she can. And that leads me to the best character in the show...


"Say it soft and it's almost like praying..." ~Leonard Bernstein

Celil is kind. Celil is decent. (Shit! Crying again...) Celil is He is everything that's right and unblemished in this world...and somehow Ushan Cakir's face seems to convey that near-piety so perfectly, it's impossible to take your eyes off him (even when Kivanç Tatlitug is on the screen with him.)

Without Celil, I would be lost. My mind would be adrift on a godless sea of doubt and despair. Celil comes along at just the right moment, surprises the hell out of us, and does something unrepentantly decent. And it's usually quite a surprise for the audience. When Celil told Tina to take a hike and went into that hospital room and talked to Sura...which caused her to tell him about creepy Ayse's bed antics, my heart almost leapt right out of my chest and planted a massive smacker right on his face across the room on my Samsung. Because THAT is what I need from this story. The truth. I need the TRUTH to come out so everyone is on an even playing field and can make their own, rational decisions. Which brings me to a bit of a complaint (not of the show, but of the characters' brilliantly drawn ignorance):

Stop shielding Sura!!! She's the smartest, most reasonable person on the whole damn show!!! She's not 16 anymore!!! She's seen things that even Captain Douchebag Billy hasn't had to deal with in her young leave her alone and LET HER DECIDE FOR HERSELF!!! Tell her the truth (and that goes ESPECIALLY for you, SEYIT) and let her make some rational, logical decisions, based on that truth, for the love of all that is holy in this world.

And as I  see the clock it ticking even faster than it was when I sat down, I will start to wrap this up, because I'll be up in a few hours driving kids to school. But here's MY unmitigated truth:

When Sura ran into that courtyard during the fire, grabbed Seyit and told him she loved him and would never be away from him again, I have never been so happy in my whole life. (I'm not even doing my Long Duck Dong accent while saying that; THAT is how serious I am about these feelings.) THAT is what it's all about. THAT is what we've needed for what, something like TEN episodes??? Just unbridled RAW EMOTION. And fear. FEAR is what made her say "to HELL with him not being able to keep it in his annoyingly over-worn black dress pants; I LOVE the sonofabitch!" And it was seriously one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Ever. Because let me tell you, THAT is what it's all about. I rewound right in the middle of it, just so I could see HIS arm around HER during that whole thing...and those 10 seconds of mutual adoration made it all OK when they dragged him off in cuffs. I could/might seriously stop watching RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT because I am so completely satiated from that otherworldly moment...and don't want anything to happen to alter it's sublime impact on my tattered heart.

And that, my friends, is the answer to "Why Purgatory?" ❤️

Seyit and Sura have Stolen my Sanity

Spoiler Alert: Do not read unless you've watched up through Episode 13 in Kurt Seyit ve Sura.

Dear God. What has Seyit done to me? I am a mess. I dream about him and Sura and all their trials and tribulations. (And Celil, too, because there is something delicious about him!) Are these people ever going to be free from turmoil? (Shhhh! Don't answer that! NO spoilers! The anticipation is half the fun of this show!)

You guys...I am seriously smitten with every second of this series. Not only that, I'm quickly becoming obsessed with thoughts of far off places like Crimea and Turkey...and I can't stop staring at Turkey on the My Origins page on FTDNA.

Feast thine eyes:

That's right, y'all. TWENTY ONE PERCENT!!! 

When I told my dad, he was all "You have too much time on your hands!" because it means he's not 100% Italian American like he thought. LOL

And any of you who are going to throw a bunch of statistics at me about DNA testing and bogus results, just SAVE IT! I don't want to hear it. lalalalalalala :::fingers in ears::: I know. Whatever. Yada Yada. I am happy living here at 21 Turkishville and I'm not leaving for a long time, no matter what my DNA really says about me.

OK so here's the scoop on where I am. Seyit took Sura to Crimea because life was imploding in Petrograd (where jerky Petro lives) and her family had to leave their house in _______ (where did they live? I'm too afraid to Google.) OMG when she found out he was still alive and they were STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL when he got back from the front??? Oh I almost lost my shiz and had to hightail it to the local hospital for friggin injections (of what, I'm not quite sure.) This show is the TASTIEST MORSEL I've had in a long, long time.


1) Jerky Petro is hot under that mustache.
2) Thank GOD they stopped dying Sura's eyebrows; she looks WAY better now with some roots.
3) Am I the only one who wants someone to hook adorable Nina up with cutie pie Osman??

4) One whole week in an uncomfortable, wooden box car with Seyit? WHERE DO I SIGN???
5) All those HOT BOOTS!!!

6) Mahmut is the smartest one in the family.

7) The Baroness is icky.

8) Seyit's dad needs to chillllll (a la Pauly Shore in the 80s. Someone needs to wheeze the ju-ice.)

9) Give me Seyit in a bath house any damn day of the week.
10) Seyit's fur collared coat is the hottest thing I've EVER seen.

10a) Did I say that coat? Because I also meant that BLACK TURTLENECK!!

OK that's it for me. In tonight's ep, Seyit and Celil will be heading to the farm to protect Meanie McSeyit's dad and they threw Sura and Celil's girlfriend (why can't I ever remember her name?) in the coach with Mahmut's wife, who is STILL bitching. "I don't want to go with them! Waaahhhh!" Listen, chickie, Mahmut is not only risking DYING to get YOUR ass out of Crimea, but he's also secretly LEAVING HIS FAMILY forever!! And seeing as Seyit has already cornered the market on THAT trick, you might want to PIPE DOWN and let the man get the job done, mmmkayyyy???

Stay tuned!!!

Oh and're welcome. Thanks to EM for the hot shot.

Purgatory High Alert: Kurt Seyit and Sura

Alright you guys. Listen up. All you hopeless romantics who don't mind a little old school charm; Kurt Seyit ve Sura is for you. It is based on a book by the same name by author Nermin Bezmen. I am four episodes in and I am positively ENRAPTURED.

My apologies to my awesome Outlander buds, Tonya and Carla who told me to watch this eons ago and I put it off until now. OK so let's get the up-fronts out of the way: #1) If you are like me and are one of those people who would much rather read the book first, you may change your mind. I tried. And it's a good, solid, well-written book. But I got halfway through the sample and wasn't feeling quite the splendor of the romance on the TV series. The TV series has turned the relationships into full, vivid, technicolor, Wizard of Oz-transformation FABULOUSNESS. There are so many twists and turns and things you weren't won't be able to turn it off. (Mind you, I said it charged up the ROMANCE. The history and geography writing is so far above me, I need a class on Crimea just to keep up. It's awesome.) #2) American friends, hear me now: some of the music will make you giggle, because we aren't used to this type of overly dramatic scoring of our TV series. You'll be like "What 1970s soap opera am I watching? Was this made with Gone with the Wind??" JUST KEEP WATCHING and tune it out if you think some of it is - how shall I say it? Slightly cheesy. TRUST. You'll be BEGGING to hear it in about 2 or 3 episodes. #3) Not a subtitle person? Not only do you forget about them in about 30 seconds, but listening to Seyit the Wolf (played by the ridiculously luscious Kivanç Tatlitug) WHISPER SWEET NOTHINGS IN TURKISH will drive you to a madness you have only read about in books. I-AM-SO-NOT-JOKING. So GET ON IT and watch this series. It's on Netflix. You're welcome.

UPDATE 6/2/18: I FULLY intend to go back and READ have been reading Nermin Bezmen's Kurt Seyt & Shura, and you will want to as well. The book is the REAL story, and as much as I love the TV series, you are going to want to know "what really happened" when you are finished.


Someone commented anonymously on my old A Discovery of Purgatory blog this morning and reminded me of my post about how I wanted Matthew Goode to play Matthew Clairmont. Um, squee??

This got me thinking...what about everyone else??

Has YOUR <insert character name here> every been played by the actor you wanted?!