Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere: Here We Go Again!

SPOILER ALERT:  Season 6 premiere of Vampire Diaries, y'all! 

Watching the season premiere of Vampire Diaries.  Just as juicy as always.  Damon's gone...Stefan's rolling out from under cars, Alaric's back in the classroom and Jeremy's high school ass is laying around drinking at 10AM.  Justtttt another day in on the outskirts of Mystic Falls.

My thoughts, right off the bat?

  • Do NOT like Stefan's new girlfriend.  
  • Alaric is the hottest thing on this show.  
  • Caroline's mother ALWAYS have to wear her police uniform??  Lord she's as bad as Hook from Once Upon a Time!!

What else??  LOVE the "girl got away from Elena" angle.  I hope she tells everyone in town and they hunt her with a pitchfork.  Speaking of...why doesn't Jeremy feel the need to hunt Elena?  I don't know that I've ever pondered that but WHAT GOOD TV that would be!

I don't like the twins.  They're annoying and bitchy.  Both of them.  I didn't like 'em last season, I don't like 'em now.  And why can't I remember why Tyler isn't with Caroline anymore?  Looks like he's going to be hooking up with bitchy girl twin soon.  Meh.

Like the Caroline/Stefan thing.  He needs to dump that annoying chick in Savannah and get his HOT ASS back to Mystic Falls.  Maybe he's just mad that his real life wife took off for Alaska (on the show) and married a pediatrician.  Poor Alaric.  He'll get over it soon enough, what with all that hot chicks running around campus.  How long until he hooks up with a 22 year old?  You know it's coming.

Fantastic Article with Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter

I love Kurt Sutter.  He's ridiculously real.  Check out this Rolling Stone article, The Original Son of Anarchy: Meet Kurt Sutter.  Rutgers guy...from New Jersey.  Doesn't mention much about either here.  Not sure he wants to remember...

Game of Thrones: Awesome! No Wait... Ew.

SPOILER ALERT:  LOOK AWAY!!!  I have seen up through "Oathkeeper" (season 4, episode 4). 

How did I not see that Grandmama killed Joffrey??? Hot diggity.  I knew I loved that woman from Day 1.  And I ALSO knew - somewhere in my subconscious - she wouldn't let Margaery marry him.  How did I not see it??

OMG OMG OMG Margaery going to see Tommen in the middle of the night.  Oh she is deliciously conniving.  BUT - I am so sceeved.  How the frig OLD is this kid??  Oh gross gross gross.  Game of Thrones is bizarre...but THIS bizarre??  Are you KIDDING ME??

Brienne loves  Jaime.  I know she does. I'm dying to see them hook up.  Dying.  Why?  I have no idea.  It would be a) cute and b) a train wreck moment of epic proportions.  You know she'd  be on top.

Did those of you who read the books see this change of heart coming with Jamie Lannister?  He went from Douche Extraordinaire to Hottie McSoftie in the course of one season!  My lord he is fine.  Just LOOK at that man.  Brienne Loves herself some him.  And I don't care what they say...I didn't see last week's sex-next-to-the-body-of-their-asshole-son creepshow as rape.  Cersei was holding his face and kissing him while saying "stop it".  It seemed to me like she wanted to...but realized it was pretty creepy since Jackass Joffrey was lying right there with cucumbers in his eyes.  Beyond the whole brother/sister grossness, that is.

Also love how Jamie is protecting Sansa.  He knows his batshit cray cray girlfriend sister will have her killed...and SHE'S such a dumbass, she reminded him of his oath to Catelyn now he's sending Brienne out to save her!!!  MEANWHILE...Brienne might want to rethink that decision...because if Jaimie ever got near Sansa, he'd want to hop on pop now that he's a free man.  AND she's a virgin.  Something tells me Hottie McSoftie would dig himself some untouched Stark ass.  And lordddddd...get her away from that sadist, Littlefinger!!  Ewwww...he is so gross, I can't even stand to look at him on the screen!  (OK so I said that about Edmure - aka Tobias Menzies - and yet now I love him so much I started Tobias Tuesday...but that's another story, entirely.)

OMG George RR Martin is obsessed with rape and dominance.  No wonder he and Diana Gabaldon breakfast together once a month.  I wonder if they trade ideas.

Love Khaleesi wielding her power all over the place.  I saw in the scenes for next week that she asks about King's Landing.  DOH.  Send her ass in there to rescue Tyrion before someone kills him!!!

Ooooh...Khaleesi-Tyrion.  Khaleesi-Terion.  Trask-Radio!!!  WHAT A POWER COUPLE THAT WOULD BE!!!!

GROSSSSSS.  OMG that cute little baby.  Aaaaand this is where Carol turns off the TV and goes to bed.  Lorddddddd I am not cut out for this show sometimes.  I don't even know WHAT that White Walker did with his Lee Press-on nail...but something tells me it was not tickle his chin whilst cooing "coochie coochie coo."  Bloooort!!!!!

OK - just googled and now realize all he did was turn the babe into a White Walker.  Could've been worse (insert WTF face here).

TURN: Damn! This Show is Good!

What do you think this is? The Patriot?!
SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched one episode of TURN on AMC.

OK this will be quick because we're only one ep in.  Not sure this is a bloggable show...but let me say I LOVED it.  I grew up in the Valley Forge, PA area and now live in Monmouth county in New believe me when I say that I am a total Revolutionary War lover.  This show is right up my alley.

Heather Lind as Anna Strong
Move it on over, baby girl.
I'm stealin' your man.
So I couldn't help noticing the relationship between the Abraham and Anna. Oooh girlfriend is playin' both sides!  She clearly still digs Abe and is married to that poor soul who is rotting in jail after spending a lovely, fun-filled rainy night on the pillory.  Poor Mary, Abe's wife.  She doesn't stand a chance with all her sweetness and light.  Anna is going to hit that marriage upside its head with all her colonial feminine wiles.

I like my skivvies starched, bitch. 
Simcoe is a delicious douche.  I hope they don't kill him any time soon because he's just too good of an actor to only make it an ep or two.

Ben Talmadge is a reason to watch, alone.  That's one hot colonial, right there.

Now, is it me, or is Major Hewlett the biggest wuss to ever walk the planet? about someone who isn't necessary.  He annoys me by just sitting there, eating steak and being his wussy self.

OK seriously - not much more to say at this point.  Can't wait for next week!!

Reign - The Consummation

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched up through The Consummation. 

WTF?  I am so...not confused...just...confused.

First off - I should be happy that Mary and Francis are married.  But I'm still so pissed off at Mary.  They ruined the whole friggin romance.

Secondly...MAN did she drop Bash like a HOT POTATO.  Now I feel bad for HIM!  And Francis hates him!  Come on, Francis...what would YOU have done if all that shit was dropped in your lap?  The same damned thing!  And poor Bash.   The whole time he and Mary were "together", all he did was run around like her lap dog, fixing all her problems.

Francis got to sleep with her and all you got was...


That was nuts!!!  They all stood around watching... and Lola was literally cringing.  That was some EXCELLENT drama right there.  Not even any blankets!  Just wham, bam, thank you, that awful night dress thing.  And Francis was all "That's right...I can get it THIS!"

And NOW Nostradamus realizes he was wrong?  And I guess he's going to set out to kill Clarissa to make it all right...which is so awful.  And sad.  Queen Catherine should feel a lot worse than she does about the fact that that poor girl had such a shitty life.  OMG.

Ew and not that it deserves mention...but what's with Kenna?  Get me a hubby and I'll shag your brains out until you do?  What's with that??  She's so gross.  And she wasn't all that nice to Lola.  Geez.  Lola's looking OUT for her well being.  I can't even stomach her.

Long live the queen.  SO glad Catherine's not going to die any time soon.  Let's be honest; she's the show.

OH WAIT - Marie de Guise.  What do you think of Amy B?  I wanted to hate her (because her non-accent is so not spectac) but she's really good.  SO much fun.  It's like watching Cora and PaPA's mothers go at it on Downton!  FanTAStic! we wait.  Another week of wondering what will happen.  And if you've studied - like me - probably don't even want to know.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Spoiler Alert:  Just finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and this post is chock full of awful spoilers.  Turn back now if you haven't read it yet.  I beg you. 

Argh.  This is not an easy post to write.  So much to chew on in this book.  So much mental anguish and emotional turmoil to consider.  Not my usual dishly story.

Here's the problem I have with this book:

Will Traynor will not get out of my head.

I don't know what I ever did to him...but he won't leave.  He just sits there...mocking me...reminding me that he's not finished with me yet.   How's a girl supposed to deal with that?

A question I need answered:

(Did I miss it?  Did I skim?  Eek!)

Why didn't Will have a "Do Not Resuscitate" order?  When he had pneumonia...or his bag wasn't changed...or when any number of near-fatal crises arose, couldn't he have just let the lord take him then?  Why go to Switzerland and put so many people through that hell?  Because you want to do it on your terms?  Come on.  How about doing it on God's terms (whatever your idea of God may be)?  That would not have been easy on anyone in the short term...but your parents, sister, nurse and girlfriend (cuz let's face it; that's what Lou was) would sure as hell have had a lot more peace in the long run.

Holy crap, right???
I find myself being angry with Will.  And yet...I totally understand and back him in his decision.  I just wish he'd...waited.  And I know; he couldn't wait.  ARRRGHHHH.  SEE????  This book is maddening.  At least the aftermath is.

After a few days, I had to google...just to try to visualize the characters; especially Will.  Let's face it, most of us don't have a quadriplegic in our lives and might have a hard time "seeing" the story.  I found some really neat photos on this goodreads discussion page...first and foremost, this one that is supposed to be Will (posted by "Kristina".)  WOW.  I mean...holy cow.  I'd have to sit down if I weren't sitting already.  Does anyone know who this guy is??

And Lou?  Don't even get me started on visualizing Lou.  I love this character.  She's so everyday.  She appeals to that side of us that just wants to sit the eff down and watch some mindless TV and have everyone leave us the frig alone for five friggin minutes.  Is that too much to ask?  Lou kept that family together.

Treena =  Dasha from The Bronze Horseman.  I wanted to smack her half the time...and then, out of the blue, she'd do something totally sweet.

And no one cheered more loudly than myself when Lou kicked Patrick to the curb.  Hear,  hear.  That guy didn't give a rat's ass about her.  He might have thought he did...but he didn't.  Talk about putting Baby in the corner.  He'd have had her cleaning up after him and waiting up for him to come home for YEARS.  I can't tell you how happy I was that she was ANYWHERE - let alone Paris - WITHOUT the end of the book.  I don't care that she was alone; she needed to spend some time away from everyone.  God bless her.

Speaking of Paris.  One snarkified comment: Sometimes I felt that Will was a bit too much.  He jumped out of planes and climbed mountains and made millions in business and knew how to do everything....and also knew this certain perfume and where to find it in this little shop in Paris...and he tells Lou he always thought it would smell great on her (or whatever eloquent language he used to express that opinion postmortem.)  I felt myself saying "Come ON.  A little far fetched."  Was it just me??

Two favorite scenes:  1)  Dinner with Lou's fam.  How awesome was Will?  Just when you thought he was a miserable prick, he'd show up and be charming as shit.  I loved him for doing that for her.

2)  The wedding.  OMG the wedding.  If this book gets adapted for screen, I will sit on my hands, waiting for that scene.  Sitting on his lap on the chair and "dancing"?  Oh shit.  I waited for that moment from the second we were introduced to Will.  And how about him actually WANTING to go to the wedding???  I was so proud of him for that.  It must have been a huge step for him.

You the wedding, you could tell the bride and groom (I don't even remember their names, that's how much I hated them) were uncomfortable.  They didn't know how to deal with Will.  But you know what?  Neither did Lou at first!!  She had to learn to take care of - and spend time with - a quadriplegic.  I found that to be such a refreshing journey that we all got to take with her.  These people are not broken on the inside.  They are just living life differently than before.  They are human!!  Treat them as such!!!

OK...that's it for now, before I lose a gasket over Will's "friends".  Off to start another (hopefully gut-wrenching, mind-blowing) book.

Any suggestions?