Reign - The Consummation

SPOILER ALERT:  I have watched up through The Consummation. 

WTF?  I am so...not confused...just...confused.

First off - I should be happy that Mary and Francis are married.  But I'm still so pissed off at Mary.  They ruined the whole friggin romance.

Secondly...MAN did she drop Bash like a HOT POTATO.  Now I feel bad for HIM!  And Francis hates him!  Come on, Francis...what would YOU have done if all that shit was dropped in your lap?  The same damned thing!  And poor Bash.   The whole time he and Mary were "together", all he did was run around like her lap dog, fixing all her problems.

Francis got to sleep with her and all you got was...


That was nuts!!!  They all stood around watching... and Lola was literally cringing.  That was some EXCELLENT drama right there.  Not even any blankets!  Just wham, bam, thank you, that awful night dress thing.  And Francis was all "That's right...I can get it THIS!"

And NOW Nostradamus realizes he was wrong?  And I guess he's going to set out to kill Clarissa to make it all right...which is so awful.  And sad.  Queen Catherine should feel a lot worse than she does about the fact that that poor girl had such a shitty life.  OMG.

Ew and not that it deserves mention...but what's with Kenna?  Get me a hubby and I'll shag your brains out until you do?  What's with that??  She's so gross.  And she wasn't all that nice to Lola.  Geez.  Lola's looking OUT for her well being.  I can't even stomach her.

Long live the queen.  SO glad Catherine's not going to die any time soon.  Let's be honest; she's the show.

OH WAIT - Marie de Guise.  What do you think of Amy B?  I wanted to hate her (because her non-accent is so not spectac) but she's really good.  SO much fun.  It's like watching Cora and PaPA's mothers go at it on Downton!  FanTAStic! we wait.  Another week of wondering what will happen.  And if you've studied - like me - probably don't even want to know.

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