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Once Upon a Time: Emma! You look so 17! Snicker

I love this show.  And Emma might just be the badassiest badass on the planet.  But peeps...seriously?  We’re supposed to believe she’s 17 in last week’s segment?  C’mon now.  I can hardly believe she’s 28!

Is it me or is Captain Hook a tremendous addition to this show?  I’m hoping he sticks around and becomes Emma’s true love in modern day.  LOVED Hurley as the giant.  He was good.  If I were Emma, I’d become BFFs with him since he obviously has no one and is looking for a little love.  That dude would be tremendous in a crisis situation, yeah? 

Not one shred of Rumple this week?  They are killing me.  I wait all week for my dose of Robert they not know that??  Everything comes at a price!  

Once Upon a Time: Sailing the High Seas of Hotness

OOOfah!  Rumple is finding out Mila is dead.  Dang...this isn’t going to be pretty.  WHAT  a beotch, by the way.  She loves her son enough not to stay in the bar...but not enough to stay in her own life.  I hate selfish people.  

Oooh sweet fight scene between Rumple and Captain Hook.  Who, incidentally, must be about to get in a position to need a hook. 

LOL  Charming is cracking me up.  Every time you turn around, he just interrupts and says “I won’t let anything happen to her”.  

HOLY SHIT!! BELLE JUST TOOK OFF IN A TRAIN CAR LIKE JEM (Outlander reference for those of you who are wondering what in the name of all that’s holy I’m talking about).  That ruled!  

OH my god  - did you see the scenes for next week?!?  Never-aging Barbara Hershey is going to bring back Regina’s boy toy!  OutSTANDing!!!

Once Upon a Time: Um, Are We Ever Going Back To La La Land?

OK seriously...I need to blog WHILE I watch...because now it’s Saturday and a whole week has gone by and I can’t remember shizzle. 

What the hell happened last week?  Oh yeah - We got to see the softer side of Regina!  Like Sears!  She drives me nuts because I hate her...but I feel bad for her.  Something tells me she is going to get nice by the end of the season...and then go back to being a douche after that.   Let’s face it - she can’t be too nice...cuz there goes the show, right?!

OK what else?  Oh yeah - Emma and Snow in La La Land.  I wonder if they’re going to find out where they are.  And OMG do you not love that Sarah Bolger (aka Lady Mary Tudor) is on this show?  She is pure class.  Love her. 

What are they going to do with Regina’s mother?  She’s going to be evil, no doubt.  Wonder if she’ll help Emma and Snow escape.  

OK not much to say...kindof boring.  Still love Rumple.  I just hang on Robert Carlyle’s every wared ie word.  He’s so hot and Scottish.  And if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap.