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Once Upon a Time: Emma! You look so 17! Snicker

I love this show.  And Emma might just be the badassiest badass on the planet.  But peeps...seriously?  We’re supposed to believe she’s 17 in last week’s segment?  C’mon now.  I can hardly believe she’s 28!

Is it me or is Captain Hook a tremendous addition to this show?  I’m hoping he sticks around and becomes Emma’s true love in modern day.  LOVED Hurley as the giant.  He was good.  If I were Emma, I’d become BFFs with him since he obviously has no one and is looking for a little love.  That dude would be tremendous in a crisis situation, yeah? 

Not one shred of Rumple this week?  They are killing me.  I wait all week for my dose of Robert they not know that??  Everything comes at a price!  

Once Upon a Time: Sailing the High Seas of Hotness

OOOfah!  Rumple is finding out Mila is dead.  Dang...this isn’t going to be pretty.  WHAT  a beotch, by the way.  She loves her son enough not to stay in the bar...but not enough to stay in her own life.  I hate selfish people.  

Oooh sweet fight scene between Rumple and Captain Hook.  Who, incidentally, must be about to get in a position to need a hook. 

LOL  Charming is cracking me up.  Every time you turn around, he just interrupts and says “I won’t let anything happen to her”.  

HOLY SHIT!! BELLE JUST TOOK OFF IN A TRAIN CAR LIKE JEM (Outlander reference for those of you who are wondering what in the name of all that’s holy I’m talking about).  That ruled!  

OH my god  - did you see the scenes for next week?!?  Never-aging Barbara Hershey is going to bring back Regina’s boy toy!  OutSTANDing!!!