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The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale? Why?! Are they Cleaning up the Fish Tanks?

I know, right?!
Ugh.  One week later and I still can barely bring myself to blog about The Walking Dead.  WTF is up with a mid-season finale?  I HATE that.  WHAT am I supposed to watch NOW?  And when it comes back in February, it'll seem reallyyyyyy short since it'll only be 8 episodes.  Do they not know my life revolves around them and their walkers?!

<---And by the way - I totally ganked this from searching Mid Season Finale and coming upon this page on Tumblr.

Watching this shit is better than American Idol!
OK - let's get this show on the road.  The Governor.  What is my PROBLEM with this guy?  I can't help but LOVE HIM.  And he's DISGUSTING!! Heads in fishtanks?  His daughter in the closet?  WHO keeps his walker-daughter in the closet, in chains with a bag over her head?  Seriously.  And he thinks he's being humane?  Dude.  That's NOT your daughter.  So let the poor thing go.

THAT is what I love about this show.  It's so powerful.  It makes you think.  It's controversial.  What would any of us do in that situation?  Like, when Carl shot his mom, who wasn't really his mom, but a soon-to-be walker.  What a horrible decision to have to make!

OK I'm being wayyyyy too let's move on.  ("Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep.")

Exactly how do you
brine those chops?
Andrea.  Girlfriend KNOWS that strange things are afoot at the Circle K...and yet she continues to skulk around, aimlessly...enjoying her newfound calm.  And you know what?  You'd better BELIEVE my ass would be doing the EXACT same thing!  I'd be all "Ohhhh...things seem a bit odd...but no one's killing me and the Governor's pork chops are so tender" (in more ways than one.)  Why look a gifthorse in the mouth...even when the gifthorse is sooo not on the up-and-up.  That's what I'd be thinking.

And Michonne.  Ooooh are in TROUBLE now!  You killed the Governor's dead-walker-zombie-daughter!  And you unleashed his teeth-chomping heads!  If the Governor doesn't get you, the walkers will!  Talk about a foot in both worlds!

OK so a few things...

  • Glen and Maggie.  Glad they're free but WOW did Daryl pay the price.  Do we think Andrea is going to step up and do the right thing on his behalf?
  • Those new people?  Who the frig are they?  Get out, y'all!  Go find your own prison full of rotting zombie corpses!  We called dibs on this one!
Shall I shoot you?  Or maybe you'd like
me to use my weird wrist knife, instead?
  • Merle.  Now that they hate him, he's going to be living with us again over at the jail.  What kind of nasty-ass shiz is he going to be pulling over there?  NOT a good situation...but tasty as hell as storylines go. 
That's it for now.  I have to go cry some more about having NOTHING to watch tonight!!! 

The Walking Dead: Listen! Do You Smell Something?

Holy crap.  Did you see Sunday's Walking Dead?  Michonne is brills.  How about her moseying around, wearing walker entrails and fitting in with the crowd?  I'll be she's got that...ummm...not-so-fresh-feeling.  I can't WAIT to see how she's going to convince Rick to let her in.  It's not like she can speak up and say "Hey Rick, let me in!" with all those walkers all over her.

This show amazes me every week.  I was absolutely IN SHOCK when Lori died.  I mean, REALLY?!  I was sitting there saying "Oh please...she's not going to die.  Vet Doc will come in, stitch her up, give her an antibiotic that poor Glenn stole from the local pharmacy (since he seems to be the only one who ever goes for supplies) and she'll be good as new!"  I was half paying attention when she and Carl were saying their goodbyes, because I truly thought it would never happen.  And then...BAM!  Carl's putting her down like a deer in Allegheny, PA the Monday after Thanksgiving!  It was a complete FREAKSHOW.  I am still open-mouthed about that one.

Poor Rick.  He's damn gone lost his mind.  Everyone's calling him up on the telephono, talking to him all nice and proper...when really they're dead as doornails.  Thank God he shook it off and went out and actually held the baby.  He needs to move ON.  Lori was a bit of a beotch anyway, was she not?

OK let's move on that hottie, The Governor.  WOW.  He's really rather hunky in his averageness, no?  I think I like him with Andrea, even though he's a freakydeak who brushes his daughter's hair (and probably eyeballs) clean off her head.  That is an explosive secret that is going to cause all kinds of mayhem, I'm sure.

And let me ask you a question --->  If you were Andrea, what would you have done?  Left with your close bud, Michonne?  Or stuck around and drank lattes with the bathed people?  Cuz I'm thinin' my answer is crystal clear:  Damn RIGHT I'd have stayed around in Walker Mayberrry!!!  I don't give a shit WHAT is going on behind the scenes...I'd be happy as a pig in shit.  Just close my eyes and pretend all this madness isn't going on right outside those tire walls (where naughty Andrea is clearly not allowed to frequent anymore.)

And how about poor Daryl?  He loves Carol.  I new her ass wasn't dead.  I have been waiting for weeks for those two to get together.  I hope she's not bitten; I like her too much to want to watch Merle shoot her in the eye with his crossbow.