I COVET My Own Sanity!

Covet - the third book in the Crave series by Tracy Wolf - came out yesterday...and I don’t even know what I’m doing. 

Be prepared for SPOILERS forthwith.




 I’m reading this thing, I’m freaking out, I’m laughing a little, and I’m getting really really annoyed with Grace. “Self-centered“ doesn’t even begin to describe how she’s coming off. Everything is about her. How SHE feels about Hudson and how SHE feels about Jaxon (say it soft and it’s almost like praying.🖤) 

Right now we’re in Jackson’s tower and she’s seeing all his workout equipment for the first time and SHE doesn’t like it. It doesn’t make HER feel good. You know what? How about taking two seconds and realizing other people exist besides you, and they have feelings too? We haven’t even seen him in the scene yet and I already know he’s doing all this working out because he’s beating himself up over the fact that he was helpless while she was in the ring. And I’m thinking about how horrific this whole thing has been for him and how this must be killing him. But not her, Grace is just thinking about the fact that all of the things SHE loved about this room are gone. POOR YOU! (said like Tony Soprano‘s mother)

If I am to get through this book, Flint better get busy cracking more jokes in the middle of class, to take my mind off of Grace’s selfishness about all of her many suitors. Sorry, not sorry. 

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