FALLEN (asleep while watching this film)

The next time I start to watch a dark romantic film...please stop me. I bet this book was really good. But this film was so...not. Visually, it was beautiful. And most of the acting was pretty decent. But the holes. Lordddddddd the holes. So many unanswered questions; things that don't make sense even ten minutes after you've finished watching. What the actual hell? It's such a shame when a film isn't done well and could have been absolutely spectac. 

PS - the similarities to the Crave series are comical. (Why do you think I picked it on Netflix? Duh!) I'm guessing Tracy Wolff read/watched this too. Just a hunch. LOL 

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LovelyLaura said...

Gave this book a 3, so...not great. And I could not finish the series, despite the fact that I knew time travel was involved. And time travel is my favorite!