The Walking Dead: Twists and Turns

SPOILER ALERT:  I have one episode left in Season 3 of Walking Dead. 

Dangit Merle!  I was just starting to think I might be able to not totally hate you eventually, you dumbass!!!  OMG poor Daryl having to kill him.  I am so sick over that.  That poor soul has done nothing but help everyone else since Day 1...and now he has to kill his own brother.  It's so unfair.  (LOL I didn't give a rat's ass when Carl had to kill Lori.  What does that say about me?)

LOVED when Merle let Michonne go.  That was really awesome.  I think he realized there was a good chance of him dying...and he wanted Little Brother to know he was a good guy deep down.  Schnikees - I thought - for a minute, tonight - that Merle and Carol were developing a little understanding.  I was kindof hoping for a neat, little triangle between them and Daryl...but it was not to be.

Ummm...did anyone notice that we haven't seen Andrea since the governor tied her up in the house of horrors?  Holy crap - the thought of being tortured by that asshat is almost scarier than getting eatin' by a walker.

Glenn and Maggie are engaged.  Zzzzzz.  Don't get me wrong - they're cute and I like them both...but we're in the middle of the greatest storyline in weeks and you stop to show us the proposal-that-wasn't-really-a-proposal?  With a ring from a walker?!  And is it me, or was that so entirely gnarly when he cut off that poor walker chickie's finger?  Geez - tonight I watched Michonne stomp on some dude's head and squash it like a watermelon.  Yet seeing that woman's finger cut off was ten times worse.

Well at least we're not being subjected to Andrea trying to be the go between and get all the boys and girls to play nicely anymore.  Yawn.  That was pretty boring, too.

And for the love of all that's holy - Lori showed up AGAIN tonight??  WTF?!  Get RID of her dead ass already, man!  Or, at least, if you're going to bring back someone for hallucinations, make it Shane for god's sake!  Not Lori.  Even in death she's got that bitchy, condescending look about her.  It's really annoying - just like her.

OMG tonight was a great episode as far as walkers go.  It's about time we get back to the WALKERS being the scary part of the show and not the stupid governor.   And I hope it's not anticlimactic when they kill him on next week's finale (c'mon, you know they're gonna) like it was with that gross psycho on Boardwalk Empire this season.  You'd have thought they'd make his death slow and painful but nooooo... they just shoot him - and that's that.

But I digress.  Bottom line - I want pain and suffering or the governor.  Does that make me a bad person?


Cari said...

Aaaaah, I've been waiting for you to blog this!! At one point I scared everyone in the house by shouting, "ZOMBIE MERLE!!!!" I was so sad about that because he was JUST starting to be a decent human being. Poor Daryl. :-(

Are Daryl and Carol a true couple? There was that one time Carol asked him if he wanted to "fool around", but then they both laughed. I'm a little confused about this one.

Cutting off the walker's finger for the ring - HOLY CRAP! That just speaks to the world they live in now that Maggie didn't even ask about where he got the ring. Whatevs... lol

I am NOT bored with the Lori thing. I love it. That's where you and I totally disagree. I LOVE that her name is still in the credits, and I LOVE that Rick still sees her. Bitch, I will throw down with you over this.


Holy crap, Andrea is in TROUBLE. Is she going to be the one to kill Guvnah, or will it be his right-hand lackie??

Btw, (I've been meaning to mention this for a while) - don't you thing the Governor has a RIGHT to be totally pissed at Michonne?? She didn't just kill his daughter, she drove a sword through the back of her head and out her mouth! It was brutal!! He's crazy for sure, but I can't blame him for this one. Michonne could have been a little nicer about it. Just sayin'...

Cari said...

I changed my Google account profile picture a while ago. Why does it keep showing this one? Huh.

Cari said...

Testing new photo...

Cari said...


Purgatory Carol said...

LOL! LOVE the dress! OK so much to say!

OMG Cari - seriously - at one point in the ep, they showed Rick looking forlorn for a split second, and I said to Tom, "No...NO! Please do not show Lo..." and damn! There he was! I couldn't even get the whole thing out of my mouth in time! LOL! I think my true problem is that I like Rick when he's in charge and he can't be in charge when he's wigging out over Lori like he was a few weeks ago. He's much better now, though. He just tells her she's not there...and that's that!

I have always thought of Daryl and Carol as a couple ("A girl named Carol followed Daryl every gig we played...") even though nothing has ever gone on between them. Maybe it will now that he'll be all sad over Merle. I'm sure he'll go through the "I'm tough; I don't need any of you" thing...but after that, he might just need some tender arms to fall into. And Carol rocks, doesn't she?

That is an AWESOME point about Guvnah (LOL) and Michonne!!! I will have to discuss with Tom and lament in my head over it for several hours before I can decide how to feel on that one. WOW. Does he have a right to want to kill Michonne! An eye for an eye! My initial reaction is that yes, she could have done it a bit more humanely..but that's not Michonne's style when it comes to walkers. "It's them - or me" is what's probably going through her brain at all times. Wow. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Unknown said...

The walking dead is always bad ass