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Vampire Diaries: How Are These People Still In High School?

First thought:  Um, Tyler?  You’re a vampire...and a werewolf.  Don’t you think you should be able to overpower the mean dude with the tattoos?

Oooh!  Rebecca’s at school...yey!  I know, I know...bitch extraordinaire...but I can’t help liking her.  I think I feel bad for her and I know there’s a good soul in there somewhere.

Oooh Elena is SCARYYYY when she gets all vampire on everyone’s ass.  She almost looks like that skeleton creature Tate used to walk through the hallways as in American Horror Story. I the only one who kindof digs the possible future Rebecca/Matt pairing?  Notice how those Klaus kin love themselves some wholesome people?  Klaus digs Caroline...and now Rebecca digs Matt.  It’s so cute.  Slightly Muffy and Biff-esque...but cute. 

And can SOMEONE tell me who this hot chick is who showed up at Tyler’s house?  Hailey?  Is that her name?  WTF?  

OK so now Damon is shooting arrows into Hottie the Vampire Hunter...and all I can think is “Sam and Dean might show up and save him!  That...would rule!” 

OMG I really thought Rebecca killed Matt!  She grabbed his heart and I was going, “Put it back! Put it back!”  

So Klaus is saving Elena.  Doesn’t it always sound like they’re biting into an apple when they bite into their arm to save someone? 

Greatest line exchange of the night: 

Jeremy:  “See?  I told you I could be a badass!” 
Damon:  “Shhh.  Badasses don’t say that.”  

PS - Not sure I feel like delving into a whole new storyline - aka, “The Five” - no matter how cool it sounds.  This show exhausts me.  Then again - Hottie McHotPants Klaus is back.  So do I really care?  No, no I do not.