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Boardwalk Empire: ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?

Boardwalk Empire is walking the line in my house right now.  I don't know if I'd call it "jumping the shark"...although the fact that Chicago/New York seems to be overtaking Atlantic City gets on my last nerve sometimes.  (Although give me Nelson selling knives or Vodka any day!)  But is there some reason they are adverse to KEEPING EVERY SINGLE GOOD CHARACTER THEY'VE EVER CAST?!?

I don't effing get it.  First Jimmy Darmody.  I mean - the whole Boardwalk Empire-loving world ERUPTED when they killed this guy off.  He was the star of the show!  OK, to Nucky Thompson...whatever.  And here we all are...still licking our wounds...while that crazy assed BITCH who spawned him kills his doppelganger and passes him off as him to collect his inheritance...and what do they do?

The most gorgeous man with
half a face on the entire planet!

I mean are you SHITTING ME?!?  Owen Slater is one of the best characters on the show!!  If these morons kill off Jack Huston aka Richard Harrow aka "Half A Face" (I say that lovingly), I will stop watching on the spot.

Bottom line - Slater was AWESOME.  He kicked ASS.  (see below)  Although I did somewhat enjoy watching Margaret freak out because I can't stand her sometimes...which means I LOVE Kelly MacDonald; she's FABU!  She plays the character you hate to love!

Check out Owen being all badass with the adorable Richard.  If Richard goes...I GO!!!