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The Walking Dead: I Don't Think We're in Leavenworth Anymore

Ya know...sometimes you’re just not in the mood for the way your stomach feels when you watch this show.   YeeUCK.  Do we really need the doc’s leg just lyin’ there, staring at us?  Blech. If I were those people in the cafeteria, I’d be like “Um, thanks for that.  ‘Preciate it!’ 


Oh this is not going to end well. 

And the main dude is scary...and kinda looks like the car-parkin’ joyrider in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

Oh my god - this is nuts.  The guys are trying to take over Cellblock H so the prisoners can live there...and now poor Big Tiny is now Big Deady.  Which TICKS me off because he was a nice guy!  

WHOOOOOAAAA!!  DOC just friggin came back to life.  That was freaky as hell.  Lori was almost lunch!

And whoa...does Rick just loathe Lori, or what?  What did he say at the end?  “We all appreciate what you did today”?  Or something to that effect.  OUCH.  He might as well have said “thanks so much...what’s your name again?”   

And how about Cowboy Carl roping up walkers at the rodeo jail?  WHAT is with that kid??  Although, I have to admit, I thought Lori was a little hard on him when he came back with Doc Baker’s bag full of medical supplies.  Geez,’s about giving him a hug and having a stern talking-to a little later when no one is around?  Do you want to emasculate him as much as you have emasculated Rick over the years??

Man...that episode was tremendous...albeit gory.  Last night truly made me feel sick to my stomach.  Sheesh - must we see all the carnage?  And is it carnage if they’re already dead?  Ponder that a while, will you...