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Hopeless or Clueless?

SPOILER ALERT: It's August 28th maybe? Or at least it's early on in Day 2 of school for Sky in HOPELESS.

OK - Have to blog about this book again for some strange reason. Just got to a cute little scene where Holder walks into class after dropping out of school...and Sky knows she obviously talked him into going back.

If I were 17, I'd be completely clueless and wondering what's going on. But because I'm 17, I know full well what's going on. Sky is judging the snot outta Holder...because she's heard rumors about him...when she's in no position to be judging anyone, since there are rumors galore about her non-slutty, slutty ass.

Maybe if she had TV and the internet, she'd be a little less clueless to the ways of the world. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, what's with Mr. Hand being such a complete douche? I don't blame Holder for getting up and being confident. Perhaps he should have ordered a pizza.

PS - I love Breckin to pieces.

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